Regional Historical Resource Depository System

The RHRD program collects, preserves, and makes available for public use historical records of local governments of Texas. Without the RHRDs, many of these records would not be as accessible to the public if the local governments retained them in their position.

There are twenty-three depositories in Texas. The volume and number of records series vary at each location, since the transfer of records are voluntary on the part of local government, and each depository has its own space limitations. The majority of the record series found at the depositories have fulfilled their administrative, legal, and fiscal values and are permanent only because of their historical value. 

County records in each depository are available for use free of charge. However, the original records may not be loaned or removed from the RHRD premises. Copies of original records and loans of microfilm may be made for interlibrary loan (ILL) requests according to the individual ILL policies of each institution. Check the ILL policies from the links below.

Read more about the RHRD program on the RHRD Details page. The RHRDs operate under Chapter 441.153, Subchapter J, Government Code.


Help Recover Missing Documents

Public Information Act Guidelines for RHRD Staff

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List of RHRD Depositories in alphabetical order:


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