Information Technology Detail
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Agency Submission, as of August 16, 2012


The Information Resources Management Act (Texas Government Code Subsection 2054) directs that an agency's strategic planning process coincide with the state's budget cycle. As part of that process, agencies must substantiate their capital project information and explain how they will manage information resources technology in the next biennium.

The Information Technology Detail (ITD) is a tool that agencies use to plan for the appropriate use of information resources to support their mission, goals, objectives, and strategies. The ITD implements the agency's Strategic Plan, Information Resources Strategic Plan, and the State Strategic Plan for Information Resources and demonstrates how the agency intends to accomplish its strategic objectives using information technology while remaining consistent with the agency's budget request.

The agency enters its ITD information into the ABEST on-line system on the Legislative Budget Board's website. The reports included here that comprise the State Library's ITD are generated by the agency directly from that on-line system.

The ITD includes:

  1. Narrative Project Descriptions (6 pages)
  2. Project Schedule (4 pages)
Page last modified: August 31, 2012