Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Monday, March 27, 2000


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) met on Monday, March 27, 2000, at 1:00 p.m. in Room 314, Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building in Austin.

Members Present:

Patrick Heath, Vice-Chairman

Sandy Melton

Sandra Pickett

Members Absent:

Carolyn Palmer, Chairman

Kenneth Carr

Marvin Rich

Staff Present:

Peggy D. Rudd, Director and Librarian

Edward Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Manuel Alvarez, Director, Information Resources Technologies

Michael Heskett, Director, State and Local Records Management

Chris LaPlante, Director, Archives and Information Services

Jeanette Larson, Director, Library Development

Donna Osborne, Director, Administrative Services

Michael Piper, Director, Library Resource Sharing

Nancy Webb, Public Information Officer

Doris Carter, State and Local Records Management

Rhonda Gillis, Webmaster

Elizabeth Love, State and Local Records Management

Allen Mullen, Library Resource Sharing

Chris Peterson, Library Development

Jay Velgos, Library Resource Sharing

Erica Lester, Executive Secretary

Guests Present:

Julie Horsley, Legislative Budget Board

Sylvia Ibañez, Governor's Office of Budget and Planning

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

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Vice-Chairman Heath convened the meeting at 1:00 p.m., and announced the absence of a quorum.

1. Approve Minutes of the January 31, 2000, Commission meeting.

Agenda item postponed.

2. Report of the Director and Librarian.

Director and Librarian Peggy D. Rudd reported on the following topics:

  • Agency Strategic Plan FY2001-2005
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (TIF)
  • TexShare Strategic Planning Session
  • Survey of Organizational Excellence
  • Strategic Planning for E-Records Workshop
  • New Information Resources Technologies division director
  • Measuring Program Outcomes paper
  • Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's February 16th press conference
  • Millennium license plate status
  • Various speaking engagements and library visits

Peggy D. Rudd introduced new staff members Manuel Alvarez, director, Information Resources Technologies, and Donna Osborne, director, Administrative Services.

Ms. Rudd also reported on the recent meeting with El Paso Mayor Carlos M. Ramirez on March 23, 2000, concerning the audit of the grants to El Paso Public Library. Both Ms. Rudd and Vice-Chairman Heath felt the meeting was favorable, and expected that positive change would be made in El Paso quickly.

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3. Approve contracts greater than $100,000.

There were no contracts to consider.

4. Approve acceptance of gifts greater than $500.

Agenda item postponed.

5. Resolution honoring Doris Carter on her retirement.

Vice-Chairman Heath read the resolution honoring Doris Carter. The Commission commended Ms. Carter for her dedicated service.

Vice-Chairman Heath postponed the formal adoption of the resolution as a quorum was not present.

6. Report on the TexShare Long-Range Planning Session.

Michael Piper reported on the planning session, held in Austin on February 29 and March 1, 2000, and answered questions from the Commission. The planning session yielded a draft vision statement for library resource sharing in Texas, which the TexShare Advisory Board formally adopted on March 10, 2000. Mr. Piper commended Vice-Chairman Heath for his participation in the session.

7. Report on the "Texas Reads/New Millennium" license plate.

Ms. Rudd reported on the status of the "Texas Reads/New Millennium" license plate. State Library staff, along with Commissioner Melton and the Texas Library Association, drafted a marketing plan for the plate, as well as secured the $15,000 deposit from the Tocker Foundation. Ms. Rudd reported on various Texas Library Association events in which the new plate would be featured.

8. Review and comment on the Draft Agency Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2001-2005.

Edward Seidenberg discussed the Draft Strategic Plan FY2001-2005 and answered questions from the Commission. The Commission made several stylistic and content changes to the draft.

Vice-Chairman Heath recessed the meeting at 2:30 for a short break, and reconvened at 2:40.

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9. Demonstration of new TSLAC Web site.

Webmaster Rhonda Gillis demonstrated the new Web site for the Commission and answered questions. The Commission members were pleased with the design and structure of the new site.

10. Demonstration of TRAIL locator service.

Library Resource Sharing Division's Allen Mullen demonstrated the TRAIL service for the Commission and answered questions. Commission members commended staff on their efforts in creating the service.

11. Public Comment.

There was no public comment.


With no further business, Vice-Chairman Heath adjourned the meeting at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy D. Rudd

Director and Librarian



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