Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Audit Committee

Friday, October 27, 2006


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) Audit Committee met on Friday, October 27, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. in room 314 of the Lorenzo de Zavala Archives and Library Building, in Austin, Texas.

Audit Committee Present: 

Sandra G. Holland, chairman

Cruz G. Hernandez, vice chairman

Sally Reynolds

Commissioners Present:

Sandra Pickett

Diana Rae Hester Cox

Sharon T. Carr

Martha Doty Freeman

Commissioners Absent: None

Staff Present:

Peggy D. Rudd, director and librarian

Edward Seidenberg, assistant state librarian

Manuel Alvarez, director, Information Resources Technologies

Ava Smith, director, Talking Book Program

Michael Heskett, director, State and Local Records Management

Deborah Littrell, director, Library Development

Karen Drabek, director, Administrative Services

Chris LaPlante, director, Archives and Information Services

Erica McKewen, communications officer

Tracy Kuhn Lash, executive assistant

Ann Mason, TexShare coordinator, Library Resource Sharing

Guests Present:

Willie Braudaway, Val Verde County Library

Rhoda Goldberg, Texas Library Association

Kerry McGeath, Southlake Public Library

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

Steve Standefer, Mansfield Public Library

Nancy Pencsak, Lake Travis Community Library

Pat Tuoy, Central Texas Library System

Lyle Thormann, board member, Central Texas Library System

Eric Lashley, Georgetown Public Library

Dale Fleeger, Weatherford Public Library

Phillip Duprey, Cedar Park Public Library Foundation

June Leftwich, Dallas Public Library Board

Danielle Sosa, Marion ISD Community Library

Bernadette Williams, Marion ISD Community Library

Yvonne Couch, Marion, TX

Leanna Cowan, Alvarado Public Library

Meg Barrow, Alvarado, TX

Chris Davis, Alvarado Public Library

Eugene Stockton, Roanoke, TX

Carleton Wilkes, Jefferson Wells

William Hamilton, Jefferson Wells

Celita Borchers, Texas A&M International University, Laredo

Rodney Webb, Texas A&M International University, Laredo

Jeannette Hatcher, Texas A&M International University, Laredo

Beth Perry, Burleson Public Library

A quorum being present, Audit Chairman Holland convened the meeting at 1:00 p.m.

1. Review and Approve Internal Audit of the Alamo Area Library System.

Carleton Wilkes of Jefferson Wells addressed the commission and presented findings of a compliance audit of grants administered by the Alamo Area Library System (AALS) and the Loan Star Libraries Grant Program which is managed by the City of San Antonio (COSA) with funding provided by TSLAC.  Mr. Wilkes said the audit’s scope included evaluating the following objectives:

  • Are grant recipients in compliance with key requirements of the grant contract?
  • Are financial and performance reports prepared by grant recipients and submitted to TSLAC reliable and accurate?
  • Are there opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the accounting, budgeting and purchasing systems, and also overall operations?
  • Are capital assets and related records maintained in accordance with TSLAC grant requirements?
  • Are prior audit recommendations implemented?

Mr. Wilkes said that the audit covered the period from March 1, 2005,  through February 28, 2006, and was completed as part of the annual internal audit plan for FY2006.  Audit findings indicated weaknesses and Mr. Wilkes named specific areas for improvement that warrant the attention of the management of the City of San Antonio, management of AALS and TSLAC.  He summarized the following achievements of the audit:

  • The City of San Antonio (COSA) recently implemented a new automated accounting system which is creating benefits for AALS which now has improved internal controls involving separation of duties.  Payments are processed faster, expenditures can be tracked in real time and budget oversight is improved with better information.
  • AALS created a checklist that indicates due dates for reports and also the person responsible for report completion.  This checklist is improving overall awareness and compliance with timely reporting to TSLAC on grant matters.
  • AALS staff made 131 site visits to member libraries in FY2005.  The Coordinator visited each member library, and assessed local policies using seven policy models as a guideline for revising existing policies.  The Assistant Coordinator visited 42 member libraries and performed collection evaluations on reference collections.
  • Using TANG funds, AALS created a plan to develop and implement “thin client systems” that are less expensive to maintain than a typical library network.  This approach will benefit smaller, less affluent libraries in the AALS area.
  • COSA hired additional professional staff with financial expertise to assist in oversight of the Loan Star Libraries grant, and to help resolve prior grant compliance issues.

Mr. Wilkes informed the commission that both AALS and COSA had made significant improvements and achievements.  Deborah Littrell informed the commission that the library system staff worked hard and have addressed all of the audit recommendations.

Commissioner Reynolds moved to accept the audit report.  Commissioner Hernandez seconded.  Motion passed.

2.  presentation of annual internal audit report for fy 2006.

Mr. Wilkes also presented the commission with the FY 2006 Internal Audit Report. No action was required.

Audit Chairman Holland adjourned the committee meeting at 1:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy D. Rudd

Director and Librarian

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