Texas State Library and Archives Commission


October 12, 2010 - 10:00 a.m.

1818 Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, College Station

The Library and Archives Commission may deliberate on and/or take action on any of the following agenda items. The commission may go into executive session on any agenda item, as authorized by the Open Meetings Act, Gov't Code Chapter 551.

  1. Approve minutes of August 3, 2010 Audit Committee and Commission meetings.
  2. Introductions.
  3. Public Comment.
  4. Review of consent agenda: non-substantive corrections in other agenda items such as spelling, numbering, punctuation, grammar, or other revisions.
  5. Consideration of commemorative resolutions.
  6. Review and approve Audit Committee recommendations regarding:
    • the Audit of the Archives and Information Services Division;
    • the Limited Scope Desk Reviews of Selected Loan Star Grantees;
    • the Audit of Grants to the City of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Public Library;
    • the Audit of Grants to the City of Dallas, Dallas Public Library System;
    • the Self-Assessment of the Internal Audit Activity;
    • the Audit Report for FY 2010 and annual review of the charter, activities and organizational structure of the Audit Committee; and,
    • the Annual Risk Assessment and Audit Plan for FY 2011.
  7. Review and approve acceptance of grants, and gifts greater than $500.
  8. Review and approve contracts greater than $100,000.
  9. Report of the Director and Librarian. may include information or updates on agency programs (Talking Book, Library Resource Sharing, Library Development, Information Resources Technol-ogies, State and Local Records Management, Archives & Information Services, Administrative Services, and Communications Office), key meetings and activities, renovation of the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives & Library Building, renovation of the State Records Center, Friends of Libraries and Archives of Texas, dashboard metrics, financial information, and the status of other new or ongoing issues.
  10. Public hearing and action to consider the revocation of accreditation of the Jefferson County Library, as authorized by 13 TAC 1.77(b).
  11. Authorization to propose amendments to 13 TAC 7.125 regarding local government records retention schedules: Records of Elections and Voter Registration (EL), Records of Public Health Agencies (HR), Records of Property Taxation (TX), and Records of Utility Services (UT).
  12. Authorization to propose amendments to 13 TAC 2.311 and 2.411, relating to eligible applicants for competitive grants.
  13. Authorization to propose an amendment to 13 TAC 8.3(g) and (h) relating to fees for consortium membership and affiliated membership.
  14. Consider appointment to the TexShare Advisory Board.
  15. Consider the loan of archival documents to the Star of the Republic Museum and the Texas State History Museum.
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