Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Audit Committee
April 12, 2011

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission Audit Committee met on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, at the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building, 1201 Brazos Street in Austin, Texas.

Audit Committee Present:
Michael C. Waters, chairman
Larry G. Holt
Wm. Scott McAfee
Commissioners Present:
Sandra Pickett, chairman
Sharon T. Carr
Martha Doty Freeman
Sally Reynolds
Staff present:
Peggy D. Rudd, director and librarian
Edward Seidenberg, assistant state librarian
Jelain Chubb, director, Archives and Information Services
Ava Smith, director, Talking Book Program
Deborah Littrell, director, Library Development
Beverley Shirley, director, Library Resource Sharing
Jan Ferrari, director, State and Local Records Management
Manuel Alvarez, director, Information Resources Technologies
Vincent Houston, director, Administrative Services
Tracy Kuhn Lash, executive assistant
Guests present:
Eleanor Seiferth, St. Philips College
Elizabeth Swan, Houston Area Library System
Jeff Scott, Gale Cengage
Tammy McBee, Gale Cengage
Marci Chen, North Texas Library Partners
Pat Tuoy, Central Texas Library System
Kathryn Sturz, Alamo Area Library System
Amy Cline, Alamo Area Library System

Chairman Waters called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.

1. Update on the Draft Audit of the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center.

Chairman Waters reported on the Ad Hoc Committee on the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center meeting, March 27 and 28, 2011, at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty, Texas. In addition to touring the center and learning more about the scope of the Center's work, the committee discussed the Draft Audit of the Center, identifying areas for commission input. Peggy Rudd and Jelain Chubb updated the Audit Committee on progress agency staff have made since the March meeting on implementation of some audit recommendations. No action required.

2. Review of the cost recovery schedule for storage and imaging services.

In response to recommendations by the State Auditor's Office and the Legislative Budget Board and in anticipation of drastic budget cuts by the 82nd Legislature to the agency's budget, staff crafted a cost recovery template for records center service fees. Peggy Rudd and Jan Ferrari shared this template with the committee and answered questions about it. No action required.

There being no further business before the Audit Committee, Chairman Waters adjourned the meeting at 12:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy D. Rudd

Peggy D. Rudd
Director and Librarian

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