Texas State Library and Archives Commission
February 10, 2014


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission met on Monday, February 10, 2014, at the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building, 1201 Brazos Street, Austin, Texas.

Commissioners Present:

Michael C. Waters, chairman

Sharon T. Carr, vice chairman

Martha Doty Freeman

F. Lynwood Givens

Larry G. Holt

Wm. Scott McAfee

Sandra J. Pickett

Staff Present:

Mark Smith, director and librarian

Edward Seidenberg, assistant state librarian

Jelain Chubb, director, Archives and Information Services

Craig Kelso, director, State and Local Records Management

Deborah Littrell, director, Library Development and Networking

Donna Osborne, director, Administrative Services Division

Ava Smith, director, Talking Book Program

Cesar Garza, communications officer

Tracy Kuhn Lash, executive assistant

Alana Inman, manager, Sam Houston Center


Nancy Fuller, Office of the Attorney General

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

Rebekah Balciunas, Legilative Budget Board

Pay Tuohy, Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide


Chairman Waters called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and welcomed Nancy Fuller, substituting for the agency’s legal counsel, Joe Thrash, who was not able to attend the meeting.

  1. Approve minutes of November 1, 2013 Commission and Audit Meetings.

Commissioner Carr moved to approve minutes of the November 1, 2013 Commission and Audit Committee meetings. Commissioner McAfee seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Public comment. Gloria Meraz thanked the agency for its work securing a Maintenance of Effort waiver from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and for reaching out to the library community for input in the strategic planning process. Pat Tuohy told the commission that Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide now has 158 members, an increase of 30 percent from the previous year. She also told the commission that she will be retiring in the spring after 32 years with CTLS. Chairman Waters congratulated her on her retirement.
  2. General Announcements. There were no announcements.
  3. Conflict of interest disclosures. No disclosures at this time.
  4. Review of consent agenda: non-substantive corrections in other agenda items such as spelling, numbering, punctuation, grammar, or other revisions. Non-substantive typographical errors were noted.
  5. Employee of the Quarter introductions.

Mark Smith introduced Sarah Norris, conservator in the Archives and Information Services Division, one of two FY2014 First Quarter Employees of the Quarter. The second Employee of the Quarter, Shay Young, circulation clerk in the Talking Book Program, was not able to attend the meeting.

Chairman Waters recessed the meeting at 10:30 a.m. and called the meeting back to order at 10:37 a.m., taking up Agenda
Item 8.

  1. Review and approve contracts greater than $100,000, and contract renewals.

Jelain Chubb requested approval for a contract with Tyco Simplex Grinnell in the amount of $138,557.70 for a fire detection and suppression system at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center. Commissioner Carr moved to approve the contract. Commissioner Freeman seconded. Motion passed with Commissioner Holt out of the room.

Donna Osborne presented a list of 19 contracts and agreements requiring commission approval to ensure compliance with the agency’s administrative rules and new statutory requirements outlined in Section 2155.088 of the Texas Government Code. Commission approval is now required for contracts renewed at 10% or more higher than the original amount or to extend the contract period for six months or more. Commissioner Carr moved to approve the contract renewal. Commissioner Givens seconded. Motion passed. The list of contracts is on file with the agency’s Executive Assistant.

At this point in the meeting, Chairman Waters took up Agenda Item 7.

  1. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center.

Since all commissioners were present during the Ad Hoc Committee on the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center meeting, Commissioner Holt did not provide a report but invited further comment from commissioners. Chairman Waters said the Center and its future would be a discussion topic at the commission strategic planning sessions in the afternoon and thanked the committee for its work.

  1. Review and approve acceptance of grants, and gifts greater than $500.

Mark Smith requested approval for two gifts to the Talking Book Program and a grant to the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, as follows:

  • A gift of $500 from Susan Tennison in memory of her mother Alice McKenna of Austin.
  • A gift of $1,000 from Virginia Lattimore of Fort Worth.
  • A grant of $6,000 to the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support environmental improvements.

Commissioner McAfee moved acceptance of the gifts and grant. Commissioner Carr seconded. Motion passed.

  1.  Discussion of federal maintenance of effort requirement issues.

Mark Smith informed the commission that on January 8, the agency’s request for a Maintenance of Effort waiver from the Institute of Museum and Library Services had been granted and that TSLAC would receive its full Federal Fiscal Year 2014 Grants to States allotment. He said the agency is extremely grateful to IMLS for hearing the agency’s arguments and thanked staff for their efforts in preparing the appeal. He also noted the support received from state legislators Rep. Jim Pitts, chair of the House Appropriations Committee and Senator Judith Zaffirini, a member of the Senate Finance Committee. Chairman Waters thanked the staff for their efforts and the support of Gloria Meraz and the Texas Library Association.

  1. Report of the Director and Librarian.

Mark Smith provided a written report of agency activities and initiatives since the last commission meeting and answered questions regarding the report.

  1. Approve appointment to Library Systems Act Advisory Board.

Deborah Littrell requested approval to appoint John Trischitti, director of the Midland County Public Library of Midland, Texas, to the Library Systems Act Advisory Board to fill a board vacancy due to the untimely death of board member, Ricki Brown, director, Abilene Public Library. Ms. Brown passed away unexpectedly in December 2013. Chairman Waters expressed sympathy to the Abilene community and said that Ms. Brown served the Abilene Public Library with distinction. The board term concludes August 2015. Commissioner Carr moved to approve the appointment. Commissioner Freeman seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Report on agency financial information.

Donna Osborne presented a report on agency financial information and answered questions regarding the report.

  1. Executive session, as authorized by Texas Government Code §551.071, §551.074, and §551.076, regarding consultations with attorney, personnel matters and security devices, respectively.

No executive session was held.

There being no further business before the commission, Chairman Waters recessed the meeting at 12:00 p.m. and announced that the commission would reconvene at the Thompson Conference Center at 1 p.m. for strategic planning sessions.


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