Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Ad Hoc Committee on the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center
July 18, 2014


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center met on Friday, July 18, 2014, at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, 650 FM 1011, Liberty, Texas.

Committee Members Present:

Larry G. Holt, committee chair

Martha Doty Freeman

Sandra J. Pickett

Michael C. Waters, commission chair, ex officio (Joining via videoconferencing)

Staff Present:

Mark Smith, director and librarian

Jelain Chubb, director, Archives and Information Services

Alana Inman, manager, Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center

Dustin Roberts, Information Resources Technologies


Joe Thrash, Office of the Attorney General

Don King, director, Fittz and Shipman


Commissioner Holt called the meeting to order at 11:02 a.m.

  1. Approve minutes of May 22, 2014 meeting.

    After corrections were noted, Commissioner Freeman moved approval of the May 22 committee meeting minutes. Commissioner Pickett seconded. Motion passed.
  2. Tour of historic buildings on the Center grounds.

    Jelain Chubb introduced Don King and invited the committee and staff to tour the Center grounds and facilities to examine water drainage, grading, roads, sidewalks and other related maintenance issues. Chairman Waters did not tour the grounds.
  3. Review of Fittz and Shipman site plan report.

    Chairman Waters rejoined the meeting via teleconferencing. Don King presented a report by Fittz and Shipman that included the evaluation and report on addressing drainage issues, sidewalks, ADA access, pavement issues, utility line improvements and some general issues such as sodding and erosion control. Mr. King presented a new cost estimate of $282,578 that included additional parking. The original cost estimate was $269,698. Commissioner Freeman noted aeration of the septic system was not included in the estimate and said she would like additional yard drains installed. She recommended creating a maintenance manual for future care of the site. She also expressed concerns about the location of ADA ramps at the historic buildings, the entire road being addressed at one time and access for emergency vehicles. Mr. King will address her concerns in a revised estimate that he will prepare for the August 1 commission meeting. Alana Inman distributed copies of the capital project worksheet showing the project is well within the proposed budget.
  4. Discussion of current and future plans for facility repairs and renovations.

    Jelain Chubb updated the committee on the ongoing work at the Center and the historic buildings. The agency has contracted with a designer to complete a plan for the museum’s renovation and installation of a new permanent exhibit on the historic Atascosito District. To gain feedback on exhibit content, on July 7, the designer conducted a charette with interested citizens and representatives from nine of the 10 counties the Center serves. Commissioner Pickett said she attended and that the charette was very productive and successful. The designer’s plan is due by August 31.
  5. Review of agreements with support groups.

    Joe Thrash said it is his opinion that the Commission enjoys a permissive ability to expend funds on the upkeep of the historic structures on the Center grounds. He suggested that should the Commission decide to take over some of the work of maintaining these facilities, it should renegotiate existing agreements with the Atascosito Historical Society and other partners.

    There being no further business before the committee, Commissioner Holt adjourned the meeting at 2:40 p.m.
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