Texas State Library and Archives Commission
October 27, 2016


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission met on Thursday, October 27, 2016, at the Stephens Central Library, 33 West Beauregard Avenue, San Angelo, Texas.

Commissioners Present:

Michael C. Waters, chair

Sharon T. Carr, vice chair

F. Lynwood Givens

Larry G. Holt

Wm. Scott McAfee

Martha Wong

Commissioners Absent:

Romanita Matta-Barrera


Staff Present:

Mark Smith, director and librarian

Gloria Meraz, Assistant State Librarian

Donna Osborne, chief operations and fiscal officer

Jelain Chubb, director, Archives and Information Services

Craig Kelso, director, State and Local Records Management

Deborah Littrell, director, Library Development and Networking

Ava Smith, director, Talking Book Program

Stephen Siwinski, Communications Officer

Michael Ford, Network Operations Coordinator

Sarah Jacobson, manager, Records Management Assistance

Tracy Kuhn Lash, executive assistant


Stephen Floyd, County Judge, Tom Green County

Ralph Hoelscher, Commissioner, Precinct 1 Tom Green County

Dr. Maurice Fortin, Director of Libraries, Angelo State University

Cheryl de Cordova, Office of State Rep. Drew Darby

Jill Donegan, Director, Tom Green County Library System

Stephen Floyd, Tom Green County Library System

Jill Ratcliffe, Tom Green County Library System

Wanda Green, Tom Green County Library System

Rick Bacon, Tom Green County Library System

Clinton Hudson, Tom Green County Library System

Suzanne Grover, Lee Middle School, San Angelo ISD

Jonathon Highberger, Lee Middle School, San Angelo ISD

Rich DeRobles

Joe Thrash, Office of the Attorney General

Alice McAfee, Office of the Attorney General

Rene E. Gonzalez, Garza/Gonzalez & Associates

Kimberly Lopez-Gonzales, Garza/Gonzalez & Associates

Susanna Records, Kofile Technologies, Inc.

Don Faulkenberry, Kofile Technologies, Inc.

  1. Welcome, introductions and general announcements.

    Chairman Waters called the meeting to order at 9:23 a.m., welcomed everyone, and said it was great for the commission to be in San Angelo, and moved to Agenda Item 4 – Public Comment.

  2. Public Comment

    Chairman Waters welcomed Stephen Floyd, County Judge of Tom Green County. Judge Floyd introduced Tom Green County Commissioner Ralph Hoelscher and recounted how Commissioner Hoelscher’s initiative and perseverance were instrumental in galvanizing governmental entities and funding to create the Stephens Central Library in what had been an abandoned building. Judge Floyd said the library is a dynamic well-used facility that the community is proud of and commended the innovations and creativity of the library staff. County Commissioner Hoelscher thanked the commission for its work and welcomed the commission to Tom Green County.

    Dr. Maurice B. Fortin brought greetings from Angelo State University faculty and staff to the commission and recounted his 47 years of either being a student, faculty, or staff member at a public institution and how vital the Texas State Library has been to him in each of those roles. He said the state is blessed to have such a strong state library that fosters real cooperation between universities, schools, and public libraries to provide high level services, particularly the TexShare databases. Access to these resources is now standard at universities and colleges resulting in more online programs and the ability to grow student enrollment. These and other programs of the Texas State Library benefit all the citizens of Texas, he said. Chairman Waters thanked Dr. Fortin for his comments.

    Mark Smith said he appreciated Dr. Fortin being present at the meeting and thanked him for his comments and the tour he provided the commission and staff at the West Texas Collection archives at Angelo State University. Noting that Dr. Fortin was instrumental in TexShare’s formation and growth, he said Dr. Fortin is a great example of forward looking library leadership in Texas and appreciates everything he does for Texas libraries.

    Chairman Waters introduced Suzanne Grover and Jonathan Highberger who welcomed the commission to San Angelo and thanked the commission for providing TexQuest resources for school libraries.

    Chairman Waters thanked them for attending the meeting and moved to Agenda Item 2.

  3. Consideration of commemorative resolutions.

    Chairman Waters read a commemorative resolution for Joe Thrash, the agency’s legal representative, who will reitre in November 2016, and presented him with the resolution. Mr. Thrash said it has been his honor and pleasure to represent the commission in meetings and in court and that he has learned much about libraries and archives and the important work of the commission. Mr. Thrash introduced Alice McAfee who will represent TSLAC after his retirement.

    At 9:55 a.m. Chairman Waters called for a five minute break in the meeting and called the meeting back to order at 10:05 a.m. and introduced Cheryl de Cordova who brought greetings from State Representative Drew Darby. Chairman Waters asked Ms. De Cordova to express thanks to Rep. Darby from the commission for his service to the State of Texas.

    Chairman Waters introduced Rich DeRobles who thanked the commission for grant money for a maker space at the Stephens Central Library.

    Chairman Waters said the commission is privileged to award many grants to libraries in Texas. He and Mark Smith presented a ceremonial check for $80,000 in grant money to Jill Donegan and other library staff. Mr. Smith said that the money includes $5,000 for a summer reading program grant and $75,000 to fund “STEAM Central,” a maker space project that will turn a portion of the library into an area where students and others can learn science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills at the library.

    At this point in the meeting, Chairman Waters took up Agenda Item 3.

  4. Approve minutes of August 2, 2016 Audit Committee and Commission Meeting.

    Commissioner Carr moved to approve the minutes of the Audit Committee meeting of August 2, 2016. Commissioner McAfee seconded. Motion passed.

    Commissioner Carr move to approve of the minutes of the August 2, 2016 Commission meeting. Commissioner Holt seconded. Motion passed.

  5. Conflict of interest disclosures. No conflicts of interest were noted.

  6. Review of consent agenda: non-substantive corrections in other agenda items such as spelling, numbering, punctuation, grammar, or other revisions. None noted requiring action.

  7. Review and approve Audit Committee recommendations regarding (1) annual review of the charter, activities, and organizational structure of the Audit Committee, (2) the Internal Audit on Records Management Assistance Unit, (3) the Internal Audit on Grants Management, (4) the Internal Audit Report for FY2016, (5) the Internal Audit Plan for FY 2017, and (6) SORM Risk Management Program Review.

    Commissioner McAfee reported that the Audit Committee had reviewed and approved five items and recommended to the commission the Audit Committee’s acceptance of the followings:

    • Annual review of the charter, activities, and organizational structure of the Audit Committee
    • Internal Audit on Records Management Assistance Unit
    • Internal Audit on Grants Management
    • Internal Audit Report for FY2016
    • Internal Audit Plan for FY 2017.

    No second required. Motion passed.
  8. Report of the Sam Houston Center ad hoc committee.

    Commissioner Holt reported that on October 3, 2016, the Ad Hoc Committee had an onsite meeting at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, where the committee was able to tour the grounds, historic buildings, and see the 19th Century steamship boiler. At Commissioner Holt’s request, Jelain Chubb updated the commission on the extensive work at the Center including drainage, paving, and providing handicapped access to two buildings, on schedule for completion by October 31, 2016. Ms. Chubb said recent rains indicated that the site plan work has vastly improved drainage on the property.

    Other ongoing projects include a contract to design and renovate museum space, progress on finding conservation and display means for the steamship boiler with the input and help from Texas A&M University, and asbestos removal and historic building renovation, Ms. Chubb reported.

    Ms. Chubb noted that the ad hoc committee had approved staff requests to use up to $25,000 of state funds for power washing and painting the main building and authorization to request additional funds from the Daniel Foundation for an entry sign and repairs to the Daniel Home. Commissioner Carr moved to accept the committee recommendation. Commissioner Wong seconded. Motion passed.

  9. Discussion of commission ad hoc committees.

    Noting the commission’s interest in forming an ad hoc committee on technology, Mark Smith provided a list of current standing and ad hoc committees for commission consideration and discussion. Chairman Waters said he would like Commissioner McAfee to chair the technology committee and asked for commissioners’ input on committee appointments. Noting that the technology issues will require considerable effort, Commissioner McAfee requested Chairman Waters consider possibly assigning a new chair to the Audit Committee although Commissioner McAfee said he would continue to serve on that committee.

    Commissioner Givens said he would like to serve on the technology committee and is willing to continue serving as chair of the Records Management Committee. Craig Kelso said he expects the records management committee to meet intermittently. Commissioner Holt said he would be prepared to chair the records committee since Sam Houston center business is winding down.

    After further discussion and Commissioner Carr volunteering to serve on the technology committee, Chairman Waters appointed Commissioner McAfee to chair and Commissioners Givens and Carr to serve on the ad hoc committee on technology. Chairman Waters asked that the committee meet before the February 6, 2017 commission meeting and noted that all commissioners are welcome to any committee meeting. He said he will confer with Mr. Smith about other committee assignments.

    In response to a question from Commissioner Holt, Chairman Waters said he would like to see rules governing commission procedures at a future meeting.

  10. Review and approve acceptance of grants, and gifts greater than $500.

    Ava Smith requested approval for a gift of $2,500 from the estate of Frances C. Ellis who was a Talking Book patron from 1997 until her death in 2015. Commissioner Carr moved to approve acceptance of the gift. Commissioner Givens seconded. Motion passed.

  11. Review and approve contracts greater than $100,000, and contract renewals.

    Deborah Littrell requested renewal of the online database contract with the American Chemical Society, offered through the TexSelect program. TSLAC negotiates the contract for the subscribing libraries which pay for the databases with no cost to TSLAC. The contract period runs from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 with a total contract amount not to exceed $1,339,244.19. Commissioner Givens moved to approve the renewal and Commissioner Carr seconded. Commissioner Holt asked that staff demonstrate TexShare databases at a future commission meeting when time permits. Motion passed.

    Jelain Chubb requested authority to contract for museum design, fabrication, and installation services at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty, to be completed by October 31, 2017. To accomplish this project, she said the agency must award the contract by early November. The agency had received three responses to an RFP and staff has requested a Best and Final Offer from the two top-scoring vendors. The contract will be awarded to the vendor whose Best and Final Offer is evaluated as demonstrating the best value to the agency and state, not to exceed $500,000. Commissioner Carr moved to approve the contract. Commissioner Givens seconded. Motion passed.

  12. Report on State Records Center building study.

    Following up on a commission request at the June 2016 meeting, Mark Smith presented a revised report from GSC Architects with direction by the Texas Facilities Commission to determine space needs and estimated cost of options for creating more archival storage space for the agency. The revised report indicates a better understanding of storage needs and determined that expanding storage space in the Zavala building is less costly than building a new free standing building. Although staff do not have a recommendation for the commission at present, Mr. Smith suggested that the commission will possibly revisit the issue in crafting the agency’s Legislative Appropriations Request for the 2019 legislative session. No action required.

  13. Executive session, as authorized by Texas Government Code 551.071, 551.074, & 551.076, regarding consultations with attorney, personnel matters, and security devices respectively.

    Chairman Waters called the commission into executive session at 11:05 a.m. At 11:50 a.m. the commission returned to open session and took no action on items discussed in executive session.

    Chairman Waters recessed the meeting for lunch and reconvened the meeting at 12:26 p.m.

  14. Report of the Director and Librarian.

    Mark Smith provided a written report on agency activities and initiatives and updated the commission on the status of the Talking Book Program automation project and answered questions regarding the report. No action required.

  15. Authorization to adopt amendments to 13 TAC §7.125(a)(5), regarding the Records Retention Schedule for Public Safety Agencies.

    Craig Kelso requested approval to adopt amendments to 13 TAC §7.125(a)(5), regarding local government records retention schedule PS (Records of Public Safety Agencies). Commissioner Holt moved approval. Commissioner Carr seconded. Motion passed.

  16. Authorization to publish notice of intent to review Title 13, Chapter 6 rules regarding State Records.

    Craig Kelso requested authorization to publish notice of intent to review Title 13, Chapter 6 rules regarding State Records. Commissioner Carr moved to approve. Commissioner Wong seconded. Motion passed.

  17. Report on agency financial information.

    Donna Osborne presented a report on agency financial information requiring no action.

    There being no further business before the commission, Chairman Waters adjourned the meeting at 1:14 p.m.

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