Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Committee on Archives and Records

January 7, 2020


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s Committee on Archives and Records met on Tuesday, January 7, in the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building in Austin, Texas.

Committee Members Present:

Larry G. Holt, committee chair

David Garza

Lynwood Givens


Commissioners Present:

Michael Waters, commission chair


Commissioners Absent:

Arthur Mann

Darryl Tocker

Martha Wong



Staff Present:

Mark Smith, director and librarian

Donna Osborne, chief operations and fiscal officer

Sarah Swanson, General Counsel

Jelain Chubb, director, Archives and Information Services

Craig Kelso, director, State and Local Records Management

Megan Carey, Manager, Records Management Assistance, SLRM

Erica Wilson-Lang, Government Information Analyst, SLRM

Tracy Kuhn Lash, executive assistant


  1. Welcome, introductions, and general announcements.

    Commissioner Holt called the meeting to order at 2 p.m., welcomed everyone to the meeting, noted that a quorum was present and noted for the record that Commissioner Garza was not present but would be joining the meeting in progress.
  2. Approval of minutes of August 2, 2019 meeting.

    Commissioner Givens moved to approve the minutes of the August 2, 2019 Archives and Records Committee meeting and Commissioner Holt seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  3. Public comment. There was no public comment. Commissioner Holt noted for the record that no members of the public were present.

  4. Authorization to propose amendments to 13 TAC 6.10 regarding the Texas State Records Retention Schedule.

    Craig Kelso recapped staff’s work since June 2019 to update the Texas State Records Retention Schedule by April 2020 as directed by the Sunset Advisory Commission.  A workgroup of records managers from varying sizes of agencies and including representatives from higher education, law enforcement, corrections, health and human services, worked from June to October to revise the schedule followed by an informal comment period for other agencies. This work resulted in more than 200 changes which staff incorporated into the revised schedule. Mr. Kelso requested approval to publish notice of the proposed amendments to the Texas State Records Retention Schedule so that a final version could be brought to the commission at its April meeting.

    At this point in the meeting, Commissioner Garza joined the meeting. After discussion, Commissioner Givens moved to accept the schedule with the changes recommended by the committee and to post for formal comment in the Texas Register. Commissioner Garza seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  5. Report on status of the Promontory Point storage facility project.

    Craig Kelso reported that the Texas Facilities Commission has added additional time to the projected completion of the build-out of property on Promontory Point in Austin. Instead of finishing in November 2020, he said the TFC has moved the completion date to January of 2021. No action required.

  6. Report on legislative appropriation projects at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center.

    Jelain Chubb provided an update on repairs and renovations at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty and detailed numerous problems on some of the projects. She expressed frustration with the lack of progress on the renovations especially since the funding has been transferred to Texas Facilities Commission. Chairman Waters said he would welcome a meeting with the TFC leadership to discuss these concerns. After discussion, the committee agreed that a conversation with TFC agency management and TSLAC Chair would be beneficial. No action required.

  7. Report on transfer of legislative records to the Legislative Reference Library.

    Jelain Chubb provided a report on the progress of transferring legislative records from the state archives to the Legislative Reference Library which began in November 2019 and is on target to conclude in April 2020. No action required.

  8. Report on staff efforts to address the archives processing backlog.

    After discussion, Commissioner Holt requested that this item be placed on the agenda for the full commission to consider at its next meeting, February 20, 2020.

  9. Agenda items for next meeting or future agenda items.

    No additional items were discussed for the next meeting.

    There being no further business before the committee, Commissioner Holt adjourned the meeting at 4:56 p.m.

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