Texas State Library Undergoes Sunset, 2007

Every twelve years, Texas state agencies undergo a process by which the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission evaluates the services of a particular agency and prepares a report for the Texas Legislature about the need for an agency to exist. The legislature must introduce legislation that continues the agency. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission will undergo "Sunset" during the 80th Texas Legislature.

This page will contain current information about the sunset process, as well as opportunities for involvement. Help shape the future of our services.

General Information

Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Web site

Timeline for Texas State Library's sunset evaluation

Sunset Commission Decision

On Dec. 21, 2006, the Sunset Commission published its decisions regarding the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, available in .pdf format, which may require a free download of Acrobat Reader.

Sunset Commission Decisions on Texas State Library and Archives (entire document, pdf format)

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission accepted public comments regarding its self evaluation report and the sunset process through December 21, 2006.

View all comments received by the Texas State Library and Archives

Sunset Commission Staff Report

On Sep. 20, 2006, the Texas Sunset Commission released its Staff Report, which contains the staff's recommendations regarding our agency.

Access the report from the Sunset Commission's Web site:

Texas Sunset Commission Staff Report on TSLAC, Sep. 2006

The report outlined four issues and made six recommendations for change.

Issue 1: Texas has a continuing need for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


1.1: Continue the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for 12 years.

Issue 2: The structure for funding regional library systems fails to provide flexibility to meet changing conditions or encourage innovation.


2.1 Remove the system funding formula from statute and require the Commission to adopt a new formula in rule that provides flexibility but continues to ensure funding for basic system support services.

2.2 Require TSLAC to distribute a portion of system funds in competitive grants aimed at increasing innovation and targeting state and federal goals.

2.3 TSLAC should use its Library Systems Act Advisory Board in the development of a new system formula.

Issue 3: State certification of county librarians is not needed to ensure public access to quality library services.


3.1: Eliminate TSLAC's certification of county librarians.

Issue 4: Lack of statutory direction could threaten the success of efforts to provide online access to Texas' historic documents.


4.1: Authorize TSLAC to promote, and provide leadership to, collaboration between a wide range of Texas institutions to develop an online tool for searching digitized cultural resources.

Sunset Self Evaluation Report

The Texas State Library submitted a Self Evaluation Report to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission in Aug. 2005. We suggested eight policy issues for the sunset commission to consider.

Policy Issue One: Organization of Cultural Agencies in State Government

Policy Issue Two: Licensing of the Library Profession

Policy Issue Three: Assisting Texas Public Libraries

Policy Issue Four: Location of the Talking Book Program

Policy Issue Five: Preservation of Historical Government Records

Policy Issue Six: Assisting Libraries in Public Schools

Policy Issue Seven: Digitizing Cultural Heritage Resources

Policy Issue Eight: Review and Modernize Statutory Language

Download and read the entire report:

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Sunset Self Evaluation Report, Aug. 2005 (entire document, pdf format)


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