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Application Form and Instructions

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Texas Reads License Plate Application [.pdf]
Application form provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (332k)

Texas Reads License Plate Application online
Application form provided by the Texas Department of Transportation

You must print the application form for the Texas Reads license plate, complete it, and submit the paper copy to your local Tax Assessor-Collector. The application form is in portable document format (PDF) and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for your browser. Instructions for completing the application form are below.

Application Instructions

The Texas Department of Transportation may issue specially-designed Texas Reads license plates to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles having a manufacturer's-rated carrying capacity of one ton or less.

Personalized License Plate Selection Instructions

Your selection may consist of:

  • No more than five characters, symbols, or spaces, OR three characters, symbols, or spaces and one silhouette of Texas
  • Limit of two spaces for punctuation symbols OR one silhouette of Texas.
    Each square of the selection block may be used to represent one alpha or numeric character, punctuation symbol, or space. The silhouette of Texas requires two selection blocks. Use an asterisk (*) to indicate the Texas silhouette.
  • Punctuation symbols which may be used are periods, dashes, or blank spaces.
  • Selections must be shown exactly as you wish them to appear on the license plate.
  • If approved, the personalized license plates will be manufactured and mailed to your County Tax Assessor-Collector, and you will be notified accordingly.

To obtain the special license plates, you are to surrender your current windshield validation sticker to the County Tax Assessor-Collector. The regular registration fee must be paid to the County Tax Assessor-Collector for the period for which the special license plates are valid. If your vehicle is currently registered when the special license plates are issued, the vehicle registration expiration date may need to be adjusted to correspond with the expiration of the special license plates. If necessary, additional fees will be collected, or credit will be issued, to make this adjustment.

The Texas Reads license plates may be transferred to another vehicle registered in the applicant's name. To transfer the plates to another vehicle, a corrected vehicle registration receipt must be obtained through the county tax office. The special license plates may not be transferred to another owner.

Please allow two weeks for notification of approval.

More information available from the Texas Department of Transportation website

Page last modified: September 2, 2011