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Official Highway Map of Texas, 1928 / 1929

Texas State Archives Map Number 07990

Date: 1929
Publisher: State Highway Commission, 1928. Revised to March 1, 1929
Scale: 1 1/8 in. = 20 miles
Size: 100 cm x 107 cm
Type of map: highway
Format: blueline
Language: English
AC Number: 07990
Donor: Texas General Services Commission

Description: State highway map showing state and federal highways, counties, cities and towns, and mountainous areas. Most of the highways are hand colored in red, a few are colored in green. Notes on map: "Exhibit E. Gulf Refining Company routes marked in red. Pasotex Petroleum Company routes marked in green." A legend to the highays is given.

This map is part of a series titled "Contracts," in the folder "# 434 - State Highway Department," in the State Board of Control Records.


Texas, highway map
Texas, oil delivery routes

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