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Plan of the City of Austin
Date: 1839
Publisher: Lithographed by Greene, New Orleans. Engraved by Fishbourne. Surveyed by L.J. Pilie and Charles Schoolfield.
Cartographer: Pilie, L.J., 1839
Scale: none given
Size: 60 cm x 46 cm
Type of Map: plat
Format: black & white, engraved, lithographed, printed
Language: English
AC Number: 00926d
Photo Media: b&w neg., photo no. 1/105-158; fullsize b&w litho neg., photo 1992/23
File Size: 32.87 MB

Plan of the City of Austin Image:

Plat is bounded by East Avenue, North Avenue (Fifteenth Street), West Avenue, and the Colorado River. Shows creeks, streets, lots and blocks by number--giving measurements, the location of government buildings and Capitol Square, an armory, churches, the University Academy, jails, and public squares. Note: "All the alleys are Twenty feet wide." Note on back of one copy: "Presented by Hon. Guy M. Bryan, Oct. 9, 1888." Two copies. Note: the reverse side of the map was scanned in addition to the front. 7/30/82 Revised 10/15/97 Revised 3/29/00

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