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Date Map Number Title Image
1863 03455 Map Illustrating the Positions of the Second Division, Fourth Army Corps, under the command of Major General P.H. Sheridan, United States Army, in front of Chattanooga, Tennessee, November 23 to 25, 1863 Image of map number 03455 is not available.
1863 03456 Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, November 24, 1863. Map of the Line West of Chattanooga Creek Image of map number 03456 is not available.
1863 03457 Chattanooga and Vicinity Image of map number 03457 is not available.
1863 03762 Map of the Battle-field of Chickamauga, Georgia, and Vicinity, fought September 18th, 19th, and 20th, 1863 Image of map number 03762 is not available.
1863 07093 Gulf Coast of the United States, Key West to Rio Grande view Image for map number 07093
1863 03786 Route Map of Gettysburg Campaign Image of map number 03786 is not available.
1863 03802 Views of Fort Sumter Image of map number 03802 is not available.
1863 01901 Fort Mason view Image for map number 01901
1863 03551 Fort Pemberton near Greenwood, Mississippi Image of map number 03551 is not available.
1863 03831 Map of Charleston and its Defenses Image of map number 03831 is not available.
1863 03834 Map of Parts of Brunswick and New Hanover Counties, Showing the Approaches to Wilmington, North Carolina Image of map number 03834 is not available.
1863 03361 Rebel Fortifications, Grand Gulf, Mississippi Image of map number 03361 is not available.
1863 03362 Skirmishes Near Liberty Gap, Tennessee, June 24-26, 1863 Image of map number 03362 is not available.
1863 03363 Map of the Approaches to Little Rock Arkansas Image of map number 03363 is not available.
1863 03365 Map Exhibiting the Route of the Sioux Expedition under the Command of Brigadier General H.H. Sibley, 1863 Image of map number 03365 is not available.
1863 03841 Map of the Battle-field of Champion's Hill, Mississippi, May 16, 1863 Image of map number 03841 is not available.
1863 01101 Perrine's New Topographical War Map of the Southern States, taken from the latest Government Surveys and Official Reports Image of map number 01101 is not available.
1863 03367 Sketch of Battle of Big Mound, Fought July 24th, 1863 Image of map number 03367 is not available.
1863 03851 Map of Buckingham and Appomattox Counties, Virginia Image of map number 03851 is not available.
1863 03852 Sketch Showing the Positions of the Army on the Battlefield of Chancellorsville Image of map number 03852 is not available.
1863 03710b Map of the Field of Operations of Gregg's in Front of Savannah, Georgia, December 11, 1864 Image of map number 03710b is not available.
1863 03853 Section of G. Woolworth Colton's New Guide Map of the United States and Canada with Railroads, Counties, etc., 1863 Image of map number 03853 is not available.
1863 03855 Map of the Battle-Field of Droop Mountain Image of map number 03855 is not available.
1863 03856 Battle-ground near White Sulphur Springs, August 26 and 27, 1865 Image of map number 03856 is not available.
1863 03592 Expedition from Messinger's Ferry toward Canton, Mississippi, October 14-20, 1863 Image of map number 03592 is not available.