Texas State Archives Map Collection

A total of 8124 records were found for:

Date Map Number Title Image
1867 00029 Johnson's Mexico Image of map number 00029 is not available.
1936 c. 00028 The American Legion Scenic Road Map of Comal County, Texas Image of map number 00028 is not available.
no date 00027 Plan of the Town of Bath on the West Bank of the Trinity River in Texas Image of map number 00027 is not available.
1873 c. 00026 Texas, New Mexico and Indian Territory with Environs of Chicago and New Orleans Image of map number 00026 is not available.
1845 00025 Map of Texas from the Most Recent Authorities view Image for map number 00025
1845 00024 Sketch of Corpus Christi Bay and Surrounding Waterways view Image for map number 00024
1835 00023a A New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States view Image for map number 00023a
1834 00023 Map of Texas Before Admission to the Union and Adjoining States with Northern Portions of the Mexican States of Coahuila and Chihuahua Image of map number 00023 is not available.
1845 00022 Map of the Mercer Colony in Texas, May 1st, 1845 view Image for map number 00022
1829 00021 Mexico and Internal Provinces view Image for map number 00021
1780 00020 Kaart van Nieuw Mexiko, met het Noordelyk Gedeeltevan oud Mexiko of Nieuw Spanje Image of map number 00020 is not available.
1863 00014a Fort Esperanza view Image for map number 00014a
1870 00014 Sketch showing the Thomas Jefferson Chambers Tract and Conflicting Surveys in Travis County Image of map number 00014 is not available.
1891 c. 00013 Geological Survey of Texas, Progess Map Image of map number 00013 is not available.
1848 c. 00012 United States Image of map number 00012 is not available.
1849 c. 00010 Mexico, California, and Texas view Image for map number 00010
1800-1816 c 00009 Mexique Image of map number 00009 is not available.
1749 00008 Parite de Mexique ou de la Nouvle Espane ou se trouvel'Audce de Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Nouvelle Navarre, Californie e & c Image of map number 00008 is not available.
1783 00007 Spanish Dominions in North America Image of map number 00007 is not available.
1899 00006 Pecos Railway Construction and Land Company Routes in Upper Half of Texas and Surrounding States Image of map number 00006 is not available.
1848-1850 00005 Sketch 1: Showing the Progress in Section no. 9, U.S. Coast Guard Survey 1848-1850 Image of map number 00005 is not available.
1700 c. 00003 Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Image of map number 00003 is not available.
1863 00002 The Sabine Pass Expedition Image of map number 00002 is not available.
1910 00001 Population and Area Map of Texas Image of map number 00001 is not available.