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A total of 6 records were found for: Atlantic Ocean

Date Map Number Title Image
1725 00385 Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispanie Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginae, et Pennsylvaniae, nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Image of map number 00385 is not available.
1725 c. 00442 Mappa geographica regionem Mexicanam et Floridam, Terrasque adjacentes ut et Anteriores Americae Insulas, Curfus itidem et Reditus Navigantuim verfus flumen Missisipi et alias Colonies ob oculos ponens cura et fumptibus view Image for map number 00442
1851 02121 New Map of the Portion of North America, Exhibiting the United States and Territories, the Canadas, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Mexico, also Central America and the West India Islands Image of map number 02121 is not available.
1918 07052 Rand McNally & Co.'s Commercial Atlas of America Image of map number 07052 is not available.
1954-1977 06508 Selected Hurricanes Affecting the Southern United States OCS Area, 1954-1977 Image of map number 06508 is not available.
1979 06507 Index of Topographic Bathymetric Mapping for the Southeastern United States OCS Area Image of map number 06507 is not available.