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A total of 38 records were found for: Central America

Date Map Number Title Image
1841 02338 Mexico and Centr. America entw. u. gez. vom Haupton v. Stuelpnegel view Image for map number 02338
1814 00361 Mexico or New Spain view Image for map number 00361
1845 01453 Mexico und Centro - America Image of map number 01453 is not available.
1939 01041 Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies Image of map number 01041 is not available.
1700 c. 00003 Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Image of map number 00003 is not available.
1851 02121 New Map of the Portion of North America, Exhibiting the United States and Territories, the Canadas, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Mexico, also Central America and the West India Islands Image of map number 02121 is not available.
mid 1700s 01475 Pafcaert van West Indien ende Caribise Eylanden Image of map number 01475 is not available.
1918 07052 Rand McNally & Co.'s Commercial Atlas of America Image of map number 07052 is not available.
1725 00385 Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispanie Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginae, et Pennsylvaniae, nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Image of map number 00385 is not available.
1783 00007 Spanish Dominions in North America Image of map number 00007 is not available.
1818 c. 02033b Spanish Dominions in North America, Southern Part Image of map number 02033b is not available.
1870 01517 The American Republic and Rail-Road Map of the United States, British Provinces, West Indies, Mexico, and Central America Image of map number 01517 is not available.
1808 02171 West Indies Image of map number 02171 is not available.