Texas State Archives Map Collection

A total of 158 records were found for: Comanche Indians

Date Map Number Title Image
1870 01517 The American Republic and Rail-Road Map of the United States, British Provinces, West Indies, Mexico, and Central America Image of map number 01517 is not available.
1865 c. 02096 The Official Guide of the History Land of the Southwest Image of map number 02096 is not available.
1850 07077 Topographical Map of the Road from Fort Smith, Arks. to Santa Fe, N.M. and from Dona Ana N.M. to Fort Smith Image of map number 07077 is not available.
1849 01590 Topographisch-geognostische Karte von Texas view Image for map number 01590
1871-1875 01539 Trails made and Routes used by the Fourth U.S. Calvary under command of General R.S. MacKenzie in its operations against hostile Indians in Texas, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma, New Mexico and Old Mexico, during the period of 1871-2-3-4 and 5 Image of map number 01539 is not available.
1867 01050 Traveller's Map of the State of Texas view Image for map number 01050
1861 01523 United States Including California, Texas & c. view Image for map number 01523
1842 02344a Walker Map of 1842: Sheet I - South Texas and Northern Mexico Image of map number 02344a is not available.