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A total of 12 records were found for: Corpus Christi Bay

Date Map Number Title Image
1845 00024 Sketch of Corpus Christi Bay and Surrounding Waterways view Image for map number 00024
1850 c. 07999 Corpus Christi Bay area Image of map number 07999 is not available.
1850-1860 c 01695 Refugio County and Surrounding Bays Image of map number 01695 is not available.
1858 01626 Reconnaissance of the Coast of Texas Between Matagorda & Corpus Christi Bays view Image for map number 01626
1935 01618 Aransas Pass to Baffin Bay view Image for map number 01618
1936 c. 07023 Location of Proposed New Causeway from Flour Bluff to Mustang Island Image of map number 07023 is not available.
1942 c. 00444 Corpus Christi Bay and Vicinity Image of map number 00444 is not available.
1961 c. 02104 Padre-"Treasure Island" North Half sheet 1 South Half sheet 2 Image of map number 02104 is not available.
1971 06490 Redfish Bay to Middle Ground, Including Baffin Bay, Texas Image of map number 06490 is not available.
1991 07689 Corpus Christi Bay Image of map number 07689 is not available.
1993 07694 Corpus Christi Bay Image of map number 07694 is not available.
1994 07682 Texas Intracoastal Waterway Redfish Bay to Middle Ground including Baffin Bay Image of map number 07682 is not available.