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A total of 68 records were found for: Galveston Bay

Date Map Number Title Image
1873 02730 Colton's Texas Image of map number 02730 is not available.
1875 01502 New Map of the State of Texas as it is in 1875 Image of map number 01502 is not available.
1876 00375 Colton's Map of Texas Image of map number 00375 is not available.
1883 06479 Galveston Entrance, Texas Image of map number 06479 is not available.
1885 01992 Map with Names and Locality of Residence of the Principal Inhabitants, Tributary to Galveston, Texas Image of map number 01992 is not available.
1891 01959 Map of the County and City of Galveston, Texas view Image for map number 01959
1900 00115 Galveston, Tetxas, showing proposed improvements of Inner Harbor of Galveston Image of map number 00115 is not available.
1913 c. 01043 The Rand McNally New Commercial Atlas of Texas Image of map number 01043 is not available.
1927 06790 Louisiana and Texas, Intracoastal Waterway, Sabine River - Galveston Bay Section, Survey of 1926-7 Image of map number 06790 is not available.
1971 06486 Galveston Bay to Cedar Lakes, Including the Brazos and San Bernard Rivers, Texas Image of map number 06486 is not available.
1971 06496 Galveston Bay Entrance. Galveston and Texas City Harbors Image of map number 06496 is not available.
1992 07687 Houston Ship Channel, Atkinson Island to Alexander Island Image of map number 07687 is not available.
1993 07685 Louisiana-Texas Intracoastal Waterway Ellender to Galveston Bay Image of map number 07685 is not available.
1993 07690 Upper Galveston Bay, Houston Ship Channel, Dollar Pt. to Arkinson L. Image of map number 07690 is not available.
1994 07686 Galveston Bay, Texas Image of map number 07686 is not available.
1994 07688 Galveston Bay entrance, Galveston and Texas City Harbors Image of map number 07688 is not available.
post 1904 00088 Map of Galveston Bay Area and Waterfront Image of map number 00088 is not available.
post 1917 01509 Galveston Bay and Vicinity Image of map number 01509 is not available.