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A total of 6 records were found for: Galveston Bay, vicinity

Date Map Number Title Image
1800-1986 07032 A Replica Chart of the Galveston-Houston Area circa 1836 Image of map number 07032 is not available.
1862 00114 Department of the Gulf, Map No. 3, Galveston, Texas, showing the Fortifications, etc. Image of map number 00114 is not available.
1870 c. 02203 County Map of Texas Image of map number 02203 is not available.
1885 01992 Map with Names and Locality of Residence of the Principal Inhabitants, Tributary to Galveston, Texas Image of map number 01992 is not available.
post 1904 00088 Map of Galveston Bay Area and Waterfront Image of map number 00088 is not available.
post 1917 01509 Galveston Bay and Vicinity Image of map number 01509 is not available.