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Date Map Number Title Image
1763 02784 San Antonio de Bexar to the settlement of the Tavoyas on the Red River to el Fuerte de Natchitoches y Texas Image of map number 02784 is not available.
1777 02785 Mapa Formado sobre el Diaxio del Viase que hizo el P.F. Fran Garces al Rio Colorado, Sr. Gabriel y Moqui en 1777 Image of map number 02785 is not available.
1777 02786 Mapa del Viage que Hizo el P.F. Pedro Pont a Monterey, y puerto de San Francisco y del viage que hizo el P.F. Francisco Garces por El Rio Colorado hasta su desemobque, y para arriba hasta el moqui Image of map number 02786 is not available.
1784 02790 Mapa del Terreno que hade vatir la Expedi.on g.e deve executse. contra los Apacheo Gilenos… Image of map number 02790 is not available.
1784 02791 Mapa del Terreno que hade vatir la Expedi.on g.e deve executse. contra los Apacheo Gilenos… Image of map number 02791 is not available.
1743 02792 Plan Geographico Demostratiuo de el Ferreno, y Distancias que ocupan los Rs. Presidios y Missiones dotadas por S.M. Catholica, en las Provincas internas… Image of map number 02792 is not available.
1784 02794 Plan de la Tierra que se andubo, y descubrio en la Campana, que hizo contra los Cumanchis, el Lhte Colonel Dn. Juan Bautista de Anssa, Governador y Comandte. propietario de esta Provincia del o Nuevo Mexico, y la Victoria… Image of map number 02794 is not available.
1821 02798 Map of the Internal Provinces from Somarete to New Orleans to the Oregon Country Image of map number 02798 is not available.
1762 02800 Map of Northwestern Mexican Provinces Image of map number 02800 is not available.
1867 03793 Map of the States Kansas and Texas and Indian Territory, with Parts of the Territories of Colorado and New Mexico Image of map number 03793 is not available.
1861-1865 03889 General Topographical Map Midwest United States Image of map number 03889 is not available.
1854 03913 Map of that Portion of the Boundary Between the United States and Mexico from the Pacific Coast to the Junction of the Gila and Colorado Rivers, Surveyed under the direction of Hon. John B. Weller, United States Commissioner, and the Rio Gila from.. view Image for map number 03913
1839 03938 Karte von Texas view Image for map number 03938
1849 03940 Karte des Staates Texas view Image for map number 03940
1854 c. 03943 'Etats-Unis Image of map number 03943 is not available.
1853 06244 Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 06244 is not available.
1733 06280 A Map of the British Empire in America, with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto view Image for map number 06280
1836 06310 Sesquicentennial Map of Texas Image of map number 06310 is not available.
1837 06388 Map of the Republic of Texas Image of map number 06388 is not available.
1867 06403 Richardson's New Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 06403 is not available.
1800-1900 06406 West-Southwest Map Image of map number 06406 is not available.
1780 06525 Le Nouveau Mexique Avec la Partie Seplentrionale de l'Ancien, ou de la Nouvelle Espange Image of map number 06525 is not available.
1800-1986 07032 A Replica Chart of the Galveston-Houston Area circa 1836 Image of map number 07032 is not available.
1775 07038 The American Atlas: or A Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America. Wherein are Delineated at Large, Its Several Regions, Countries, States, and Islands; and Chiefly, the British Colonies Image of map number 07038 is not available.
1814 07039 Carey's General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged: Being a Collection of Maps of the World and Quarters, Their Principal Empires, Kingdoms, & c. Image of map number 07039 is not available.