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A total of 322 records were found for: Indians

Date Map Number Title Image
1804-1812 07040 Atlas Geographique Et Physique du Royaume de La Nouvelle-Espagne, Fond'e Sur Des Observations Astronomiques Des Mesures Trigonom'etriques Et Des Nivellemens Barom'etriques Image of map number 07040 is not available.
1733 07041 A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto Image of map number 07041 is not available.
1815 07042 Carey's General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged: Being a Collection of Maps of the World and Quarters, Their Principal Empires, Kingdoms, & c. Image of map number 07042 is not available.
1849 07043 New Universal Atlas. Containing Maps of the Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World Image of map number 07043 is not available.
1835 07044 A Comprehensive Atlas. Geographical, Historical and Commercial Image of map number 07044 is not available.
1857 07045 Colton's General Atlas Image of map number 07045 is not available.
1839 07047 Atlas Designed to Accompany Smith's Geography for Schools Image of map number 07047 is not available.
1822 07048 A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas, Being a Guide to the History of North and South America, and the West Indies: Exhibiting An Accurate Account of the Discovery, Settlement, and .. Image of map number 07048 is not available.
1719 07073 Carte de la Nouvelle France ... Image of map number 07073 is not available.
1718 07074 Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours de Mississipi Image of map number 07074 is not available.
1650 07075 Ameriqve Septentrional Image of map number 07075 is not available.
1820 07076 United States of America Image of map number 07076 is not available.
1850 07077 Topographical Map of the Road from Fort Smith, Arks. to Santa Fe, N.M. and from Dona Ana N.M. to Fort Smith Image of map number 07077 is not available.
1853 07078 Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 50, 51, & 52 Image of map number 07078 is not available.
1857-1858 07079 Map of the United States and Their Territories Between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and Part of Mexico Image of map number 07079 is not available.
1847 07100 Military Reconnaissance of the Arkansas Rio Del Norte and Rio Gila Image of map number 07100 is not available.
1935 07525 Points of General and Historical Interest in Division no. 11 view Image for map number 07525
1854 c. 07527 Etats-Unis, Region Des Territoires Image of map number 07527 is not available.
1840 c. 07540 Mexico Image of map number 07540 is not available.
1843 07584 Map of Texas Image of map number 07584 is not available.
1837 07676 A New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States Image of map number 07676 is not available.
1845 07677 Commemorative Map of the Republic of Texas Image of map number 07677 is not available.