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A total of 6 records were found for: Kansas, southwest

Date Map Number Title Image
1912 04084 Santa Fe Land Improvement Company, Southwestern Kansas Lands Image of map number 04084 is not available.
1913 04083 Southwest Kansas Image of map number 04083 is not available.
1914 04087 Map of the Lands of the Santa Fe Land and Improvement Company Image of map number 04087 is not available.
1920-1930 c 04135 Oil Field Map of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and North Louisiana Image of map number 04135 is not available.
1931 04200 Regional Map of Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana Image of map number 04200 is not available.
no date 04494 Map of an area in southwestern Kansas, just north of the Arkansas River Image of map number 04494 is not available.