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A total of 8 records were found for: Louisiana Territory

Date Map Number Title Image
1804 00413 The Continent and Islands of the West Indies view Image for map number 00413
1804 01478 Louisiana Image of map number 01478 is not available.
1807 01436 The First Part of Captn. Pike's Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana view Image for map number 01436
1807 01437 A Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana, Including all the hitherto unexplored countries lying between the River La Platte of the Missouri on the N. and the Red River on the S. the Mississippi East and the Mountains of Mexico West, … view Image for map number 01437
1807 02752 Plano Geografyco de la Prouyncya de Texas Image of map number 02752 is not available.
1808 c. 02753 ... plano exacto de las provincias internas de Mexico, tanto orientales como occidentales Image of map number 02753 is not available.
1811 02153 Spanish Dominions in North America, Northern Part Image of map number 02153 is not available.
1820 01024 A Map of Louisiana and Mexico/ Carte de la Louisiane et du Mexique view Image for map number 01024