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A total of 107 records were found for: Louisiana

Date Map Number Title Image
1956 04254 Texas-Louisiana Offshore Oil and Gas Map Image of map number 04254 is not available.
1941 02237 Special Third Army Manuevers, Texas-Louisiana 1940 Image of map number 02237 is not available.
1931 04200 Regional Map of Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana Image of map number 04200 is not available.
1930 04250 Texas - Louisiana Coast Image of map number 04250 is not available.
1923-1930 c 04058 South Arkansas and North Louisiana Image of map number 04058 is not available.
1923 04061 Oil Fields of Gulf Coastal Region Image of map number 04061 is not available.
1923 01988a Rand McNally Official Auto Trails Map of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Southern Oklahoma, and Western Mississippi, District 18 Image of map number 01988a is not available.
1921 04057 Map of the Territory Showing the new well in Clairborne Parish, Louisiana with relation to the Homer Field and the El Dorado, Arkansas Field Image of map number 04057 is not available.
1920-1930 c 04135 Oil Field Map of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and North Louisiana Image of map number 04135 is not available.
1904 06274 Ground Plan of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, 1904 Image of map number 06274 is not available.
1897 c 06277 Map of the Texas and Pacific Railway and Connections Image of map number 06277 is not available.
1866 02814 Texas and Her Eastern Boundaries Image of map number 02814 is not available.
1864 03458 Red River Expedition, 1864 view Image for map number 03458
1864 03393 Map of Port Hudson, Louisiana and Vicinity Image of map number 03393 is not available.
1863 03701 Approaches to New Orleans Image of map number 03701 is not available.
1863 03378 Proposed Road along South Bank of New Canal from Duckport to Walnut Bayou, thence barge towed by Victor to Richmond Image of map number 03378 is not available.
1863 03317 Department of the Gulf, Map No. 7, Grand Lake Region Image of map number 03317 is not available.
1862 03320 Topographical Plan of the City and Battle-field of Baton-Rouge, Louisiana, Fought on the 5th of August Image of map number 03320 is not available.
1861-1865 03887 General Topographical Map Texas and Louisiana Image of map number 03887 is not available.
1861-1865 03886 General Topographical Map Texas and Louisiana Image of map number 03886 is not available.
1860 c. 02020 Map of Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas Image of map number 02020 is not available.
1852 01025 Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 51, and 52. By Captain R.B. Marcy, 5th U.S. Infantry under order from the War Department view Image for map number 01025
1849 c. 00010 Mexico, California, and Texas view Image for map number 00010
1846 00056 Map of Texas and part of Mexico Image of map number 00056 is not available.
1844 01007 The Coast of Texas Image of map number 01007 is not available.