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A total of 107 records were found for: Louisiana

Date Map Number Title Image
1700 c. 00003 Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Image of map number 00003 is not available.
1783 00007 Spanish Dominions in North America Image of map number 00007 is not available.
1800-1816 c 00009 Mexique Image of map number 00009 is not available.
1849 c. 00010 Mexico, California, and Texas view Image for map number 00010
1780 00020 Kaart van Nieuw Mexiko, met het Noordelyk Gedeeltevan oud Mexiko of Nieuw Spanje Image of map number 00020 is not available.
1750-1760 c 00045 Carte de Mexique ou de la Nouvelle Espagne view Image for map number 00045
1841 00055 New Map of Texas view Image for map number 00055
1846 00056 Map of Texas and part of Mexico Image of map number 00056 is not available.
1840 c. 00068 Texas Compiled from the Latest and Best Authorities Image of map number 00068 is not available.
1757 00071 Carte de la Floride, de la Louisiane et Pays Voifins. Subtitle: Pour servir a l'Histoure Generale des Voyages Image of map number 00071 is not available.
1780 c. 00095 Carte de Louisiane et de la Floride Image of map number 00095 is not available.
1721 00362 A Map of Louisiana and of the River Mississippi view Image for map number 00362
1834 00378 Texas view Image for map number 00378
1725 00385 Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispanie Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginae, et Pennsylvaniae, nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Image of map number 00385 is not available.
1720 c. 00401 Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi Seu Provinciae Ludoviciane view Image for map number 00401
1804 00413 The Continent and Islands of the West Indies view Image for map number 00413
1725 c. 00442 Mappa geographica regionem Mexicanam et Floridam, Terrasque adjacentes ut et Anteriores Americae Insulas, Curfus itidem et Reditus Navigantuim verfus flumen Missisipi et alias Colonies ob oculos ponens cura et fumptibus view Image for map number 00442
1717 00446 A Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida, now called Louisiana, and part of California and etc. Image of map number 00446 is not available.
1705 00447 Le vieux Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne aucles costes de la Floride. Faisantpartic de lmerique Septentrionale Image of map number 00447 is not available.
1764 00907 Carte Reduite des Costes de la Louisiane et de la Floride view Image for map number 00907
1758 00921 Carte de la Louisiane, Maryland, Virginie, Caroline, Georgie, avec une Partie de la Floride Image of map number 00921 is not available.
1844 01007 The Coast of Texas Image of map number 01007 is not available.
1703 01009 Archipelague du Mexique ou sont les Isles de Cuba, Espagnola, Iamaique, & c. ... Image of map number 01009 is not available.
1820 01024 A Map of Louisiana and Mexico/ Carte de la Louisiane et du Mexique view Image for map number 01024
1852 01025 Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 51, and 52. By Captain R.B. Marcy, 5th U.S. Infantry under order from the War Department view Image for map number 01025