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A total of 341 records were found for: Mexico

Date Map Number Title Image
1808 c. 02753 ... plano exacto de las provincias internas de Mexico, tanto orientales como occidentales Image of map number 02753 is not available.
1839 07047 Atlas Designed to Accompany Smith's Geography for Schools Image of map number 07047 is not available.
1945 00043a Braniff Airways Image of map number 00043a is not available.
1827 07562 Group of five maps from Maelen's Atlas Universel de Geographie... Image of map number 07562 is not available.
post 1900 01546 Map of Disputed Territory Involving Yoakum County Image of map number 01546 is not available.
1762 02800 Map of Northwestern Mexican Provinces Image of map number 02800 is not available.
1861 c. 01423 Map of Southwest Texas and northern Mexico view Image for map number 01423
1821 02798 Map of the Internal Provinces from Somarete to New Orleans to the Oregon Country Image of map number 02798 is not available.
1916 c. 03907 Map Showing Extent of Public Surveys along the Rio Grande in the Area of the Arkansas, Indian Territory, and the Republic of Mexico Image of map number 03907 is not available.
1590-1600 02782 Mexico from Guatemala to California Image of map number 02782 is not available.
1805 c. 01456 Mexico Image of map number 01456 is not available.
1800-1816 c 00009 Mexique Image of map number 00009 is not available.
1733 01522a Nuevo Mexico and Louisiana Image of map number 01522a is not available.
1736 02783 Province of Nuevo Santander with parts of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Texas Image of map number 02783 is not available.
1914 01659 Railroad Mileage Map of Mexico Image of map number 01659 is not available.
1903 01550a Section four of the map showing districts infected with Southern Cattle Fever Image of map number 01550a is not available.
1916 c. 06512 Soil Map of the Western Half of Texas and Southern New Mexico Image of map number 06512 is not available.
1829 01411 Stephen F. Austin's Map of Texas Image of map number 01411 is not available.
1910 c. 01016 Survey of the Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient Railroad Image of map number 01016 is not available.
1859 01559 Survey of the United States and Texas Boundary, # 15 view Image for map number 01559
1846-1848 06322 Upper Section of the Province of Tamaulipas, with Part of Nuevo Leon, During the Mexican War view Image for map number 06322
1874 00945 "Texas New Yorker's" Railroad Map of Texas Image of map number 00945 is not available.
1847 00131 A Correct Map of the Seat of War in Mexico view Image for map number 00131
1733 01522 A Map of British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto Image of map number 01522 is not available.
1820 01024 A Map of Louisiana and Mexico/ Carte de la Louisiane et du Mexique view Image for map number 01024