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Date Map Number Title Image
1862 03263 Advance Upon Corinth, Mississippi, May 1862 Image of map number 03263 is not available.
1862 03267 Map of the Country Between Monterey, Tennessee, and Corinth, Mississippi, Showing the Lines of Intrenchments Made and the Routes Followed by the U.S. Forces under the command of Maj Gen Halleck, U.S. Army, In Advance Upon Corinth in May 1862 Image of map number 03267 is not available.
1862 03318 Diagram Showing the Position of the 3rd Brigade on the Battlefield, October 3, 1862 Image of map number 03318 is not available.
1862 03319 Diagram Showing the Field of Battle, October 3rd and 4th, 1862 Image of map number 03319 is not available.
1862 03325 Plan of the Battle of Corinth fought on the 3rd and 4th of October, 1862 Between the Confederate Forces under Major General Van Dorn, Price and Lovell and the United States Forces under Major General Rosecrans Image of map number 03325 is not available.
1862 03626 Sketch of Roads to Corinth, Mississippi Image of map number 03626 is not available.