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A total of 6 records were found for: Tennessee, Fort Donelson

Date Map Number Title Image
1862 03250 Sketch Showing the Relative Positions of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson also the Roads Connecting the two Places Image of map number 03250 is not available.
1862 03251 Military Map of the Country Between the Tennessee and Cumberland Showing the Operations of the 1st Division from February 4 to March 10, 1862 Image of map number 03251 is not available.
1862 03253 Plan of Fort Donelson and its Outworks Image of map number 03253 is not available.
1862 03254 Fort Donelson and the Positions of the 1st Division During the Siege February 12-16, 1862, Brigadier General John A. McClernand Commanding Image of map number 03254 is not available.
1862 03255 Fort Donelson and Positions of Union Forces during the Siege, February 12-16, 1862 Image of map number 03255 is not available.
1865 03774 Fort Donelson, Tennessee Image of map number 03774 is not available.