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Date Map Number Title Image
1961 c. 02104 Padre-"Treasure Island" North Half sheet 1 South Half sheet 2 Image of map number 02104 is not available.
1956 04254 Texas-Louisiana Offshore Oil and Gas Map Image of map number 04254 is not available.
1955 01585 Texas Upper Gulf Coast Wildcat Map, March 1955 Image of map number 01585 is not available.
1954-1977 06508 Selected Hurricanes Affecting the Southern United States OCS Area, 1954-1977 Image of map number 06508 is not available.
1950 c. 04253 The Holdeman Company, Petroleum, Location of Holdings Texas coast Image of map number 04253 is not available.
1950 c. 04252 Oil and Gas Holdings of the Holdeman Company, Texas Coast view Image for map number 04252
1940-1941 00913 Gunnery and Bombing Range, Matagorda Island, Calhoun County, Texas Image of map number 00913 is not available.
1940 c. 06169 Highway Map of Division No. 12 Image of map number 06169 is not available.
1938 07017 Map of Various Texas Counties to Accompany Report on Resources Image of map number 07017 is not available.
1936 c. 07016 Texas Coast Image of map number 07016 is not available.
1930 04250 Texas - Louisiana Coast Image of map number 04250 is not available.
1923 04061 Oil Fields of Gulf Coastal Region Image of map number 04061 is not available.
1921 02998 Rivers of the Coast Prairies Image of map number 02998 is not available.
1910 06518 Soil Map, Texas, Reconnaissance Survey, Central Gulf Coast Sheet Image of map number 06518 is not available.
1910 03926 Soil Map, Texas, Reconnoissance Survey, Central Gulf Coast Sheet Image of map number 03926 is not available.
1896 08000 Coast of Texas from Sabine Pass Westward to High Island view Image for map number 08000
1864 07089 Topographical Map of the Country between San Antonio & Colorado Rivers in the State of Texas Plat I view Image for map number 07089
1864 03538 Coast of Texas and Its Defenses Image of map number 03538 is not available.
1863 03417 Texas Coast, Showing Points of Occupation of Expedition under Major General N.P. Banks, November, 1863 Image of map number 03417 is not available.
1863 02073 Map of Texas. The Proposed Reoccupation of the Rio Grande - Its Importance to the Union view Image for map number 02073
1861-1865 03886 General Topographical Map Texas and Louisiana Image of map number 03886 is not available.
1861 02294 Sketch 1 Showing the Progress of the Survey in Section No. IX from 1848 to 1861 Image of map number 02294 is not available.
1857 07094 Preliminary Chart No. 31 of the Sea Coast of the United States from Galveston Bay to Matagorda Bay, Texas Image of map number 07094 is not available.
1857 01011 Carte General des I les Antilles, des iles et Bancs de Bahama, des Estas-Unis de L'Amerique - Centrale, de La Mer du Mexique & a. Dediee l'Academie Royale des Sciences de l' Institut de France Image of map number 01011 is not available.
1844 01007 The Coast of Texas Image of map number 01007 is not available.