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Date Map Number Title Image
pre-1890 06284 A Map of the Panhandle of Texas in Pioneer Days Image of map number 06284 is not available.
post 1900 01546 Map of Disputed Territory Involving Yoakum County Image of map number 01546 is not available.
1951 07623 Approximate decline of the water table in the Southern High Plains of Texas, March 1938 to January 1951 Image of map number 07623 is not available.
1951 06316 Underground Water Reservoir Designation in the Ogallala Formation South of the Canadian River in Texas. Subdivision Number One Image of map number 06316 is not available.
1943 08014 Texas Transportation Map Image of map number 08014 is not available.
1943 08013 Texas Transportation Map Image of map number 08013 is not available.
1943 08012 Texas Transportation Map Image of map number 08012 is not available.
1943 08011 Texas Transportation Map Image of map number 08011 is not available.
1938 c. 04501 Oklahoma Info-Map Image of map number 04501 is not available.
1938 06296 Territorial Limits of the Southwestern Division Image of map number 06296 is not available.
1937 c. 06692 Canadian River Basin Image of map number 06692 is not available.
1936 06904 Texas High Plains and Adjacent Upland Dry Farming Region Image of map number 06904 is not available.
1935-1936 06659 Canadian River Watershed in Texas, Plate XVIII Image of map number 06659 is not available.
1932 07624 Geologic Map of the High Plains in Texas and Adjacent Territory Image of map number 07624 is not available.
1926 04503 Geologic Map of Western Oklahoma and the Panhandle of Texas Image of map number 04503 is not available.
1926 04257 Sketch Map Showing Structural Features, Southern Portion, Mid-Continent Area Image of map number 04257 is not available.
1924 01055 The C. & S. Ry. Co. Map of a Portion of Texas and Oklahoma Showing the Lines of Fort Worth and Denver City Ry. Co. and the Wichita Valley Lines Image of map number 01055 is not available.
1923 c. 03951 Panhandle Oil and Gas Field Image of map number 03951 is not available.
1920 c. 04256 The Texas Panhandle Oil Field Image of map number 04256 is not available.
1916 c. 06510 Soil Map of Western Central United States Image of map number 06510 is not available.
1910 03927 Soil Map, Texas, Reconnoissance Survey, Panhandle Sheet Image of map number 03927 is not available.
1903 01550a Section four of the map showing districts infected with Southern Cattle Fever Image of map number 01550a is not available.
1891 01880 Geologic Map of the Staked Plains and Adjacent Area view Image for map number 01880
1888 c. 06270 County Map of the Panhandle of Texas, and the Line of The Denver, Texas, & Ft. Worth Railway view Image for map number 06270
1885 07080 XIT Ranch Map of 1885 Image of map number 07080 is not available.