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Date Map Number Title Image
1911 c. 00098 Texas Image of map number 00098 is not available.
1835-1836 00099-1 The Siege of Bexar view Image for map number 00099-1
1835-1836 00099-2 Map of Texas, with Coahuila in 1835-36 with contiguous territory of the United States and of Mexico. Showing localities from which the two armies were recruited. Image of map number 00099-2 is not available.
1835-1836 00099-3 Military Map of Texas and Coahuila, as Mexican Territory, c. 1835-36. Subtitle: Showing lines of frontier recognized by the Texas Colonists, with lines of march from points of mobilization of the respective armies, to the battlefield of San Jacinto. Image of map number 00099-3 is not available.
1836 00099-4 Siege of the Alamo view Image for map number 00099-4
1835 00099-5 Combat near the "Mission Concepcion," by Colonel James Bowie's Battalion, October 28, 1835 view Image for map number 00099-5
1836 00099-6 Fannin's Fight, March 19, 1836 view Image for map number 00099-6
1836 00099-9 Map of the Battlefield at San Jacinto. Subtitle: Map of the positions of the Texas and of the Mexican armies, at the commencement of the Battle of San Jacinto, at half past three O'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, April 2, 1836 Image of map number 00099-9 is not available.
post 1932 00101 Proposed Road Development between Van Horn and Fort Stockton - Davis Mountain district on Old Spanish Trail, also showing old trails - where old trails converge springs are indicated Image of map number 00101 is not available.
1853 00105 Colton's Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, of Mexico and the West Indies Image of map number 00105 is not available.
1848 00107 A New Map of Mexico, California, and Oregon Image of map number 00107 is not available.
1845 00108 Map of Texas from the Most Recent Authorities Image of map number 00108 is not available.
1846 00109 Mexico, Texas, and California Image of map number 00109 is not available.
1844 00110 Texas Image of map number 00110 is not available.
1930 00126 Texas City and Greater Galveston Harbor, the Center of the Commercial World Image of map number 00126 is not available.
1846 00128 Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 00128 is not available.
1844 00129 Map of the United States, Canada, Texas, and Part of Mexico Image of map number 00129 is not available.
1839 00132 Map of the United States and Map of Mexico and Guatemala view Image for map number 00132
1861 00135 Routes of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway Company Image of map number 00135 is not available.
1838-1840 00136 Proposed Railroads, 1838-40 Image of map number 00136 is not available.
1875 c. 00138 Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway view Image for map number 00138
1854-1857 00139 Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean Image of map number 00139 is not available.
1939 00140 Texas Image of map number 00140 is not available.
1849 00143 Map of Country from Austin to El Paso view Image for map number 00143
1850-1853 00347 General Map Showing the Counties Explored and Surveyed by the United States and Mexican Boundary Commission, in the years 1850, 51, 52, and 53, under the direction of John R. Bartlett, U.S. Commissioner view Image for map number 00347