Texas State Archives Map Collection

A total of 331 records were found for: United States

Date Map Number Title Image
1954-1977 06508 Selected Hurricanes Affecting the Southern United States OCS Area, 1954-1977 Image of map number 06508 is not available.
1955 04226 Texas. Subtitle: "Road Map of Texas" Image of map number 04226 is not available.
1962 04516 Natural Gas Pipelines Image of map number 04516 is not available.
1988 07534 Map of the Cities of Brownsville and Matamoros Image of map number 07534 is not available.
1993 09466 Western Emigrant Trails, 1830-1870. Subtitle: Major Trails, Cutoffs, and Alternates. Image of map number 09466 is not available.
post 1944 00441 Map of the Railroad Systems in Texas Image of map number 00441 is not available.