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Date Map Number Title Image
1725 c. 00442 Mappa geographica regionem Mexicanam et Floridam, Terrasque adjacentes ut et Anteriores Americae Insulas, Curfus itidem et Reditus Navigantuim verfus flumen Missisipi et alias Colonies ob oculos ponens cura et fumptibus view Image for map number 00442
1835 02731 Mitchell's Traveller's Guide through the United States. Subtitle: A Map of the Roads, Distances, Steam Boat, and Canals Routes and etc… view Image for map number 02731
1855 c. 00430 Nord America zur Ubersicht der Enteckung Eroberug und Colonisation Image of map number 00430 is not available.
1861 01100 Stanford's Seat of War in America view Image for map number 01100
1878 c. 07671 Colonists' and Emigrants' Route to Texas Image of map number 07671 is not available.