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A total of 5 records were found for: Virginia, James River

Date Map Number Title Image
1861-1865 03818 Pontoon Bridge on the James River Above Jone's Landing, from the North-South 68 Boats Image of map number 03818 is not available.
1864 03535 Vicinity of Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Virginia Image of map number 03535 is not available.
1864 03536 Plan of Dutch Gap Canal and Fortifications, James River, Virginia, …September 10, 1864 Image of map number 03536 is not available.
1865 03555 Plan, Section and Elevation of Board Loop-Hole on our Picket Line Image of map number 03555 is not available.
1865 03619 Plan, Sections and Elevation of Pile Bridge, James River near Varina, Virginia, January, 1865 Image of map number 03619 is not available.