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A total of 8 records were found for: Virginia, Richmond

Date Map Number Title Image
1862 03298 Map to Accompany the Report of Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart, C.S. Army, Commanding Pamunkey Expedition to the Enemy's Rear, June 13, 14 and 15, 1862 Image of map number 03298 is not available.
1862-1863 03286 Map of the Battle-Grounds in the Vicinity of Richmond, Virginia Image of map number 03286 is not available.
1864 03700 Map of the City of Richmond, Virginia Image of map number 03700 is not available.
1864-1865 03620 Richmond, Virginia Image of map number 03620 is not available.
1865 03727 Region Embraced in the Operations of the Armies Against Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia Image of map number 03727 is not available.
1865 03816 Castle Thunder, Richmond, Virginia, May 1865 Image of map number 03816 is not available.
1865 03819 Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, Front View Image of map number 03819 is not available.
1865 03820 Libby Prison Image of map number 03820 is not available.