Texas State Archives Map Collection

A total of 58 records were found for: Waco Indian Village

Date Map Number Title Image
1841 02199 Karte von Texas entworfen nach der Vermefsungen, welche in den Acten der General-Land-Office de Republic Image of map number 02199 is not available.
1842 02344 Central America Including Texas, California, and the Northern States Mexico view Image for map number 02344
1842 02344a Walker Map of 1842: Sheet I - South Texas and Northern Mexico Image of map number 02344a is not available.
1851 03911 Map of Texas view Image for map number 03911
1839 03938 Karte von Texas view Image for map number 03938
1836 06310 Sesquicentennial Map of Texas Image of map number 06310 is not available.
1837 06388 Map of the Republic of Texas Image of map number 06388 is not available.
1853 07078 Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 50, 51, & 52 Image of map number 07078 is not available.