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A total of 6 records were found for: boundary with New Mexico

Date Map Number Title Image
1851 03912 That Part of Disturnell's Treaty Map in the Vicinity of the Rio Grande and Southern Boundary of New Mexico as referred to by United States Surveyor, in Communication to Commissioner, July 25, 1851 view Image for map number 03912
1859 01559 Survey of the United States and Texas Boundary, # 15 view Image for map number 01559
1913 04535 Bailey County Image of map number 04535 is not available.
1913 04567 Cochran County Image of map number 04567 is not available.
1916 c. 03907 Map Showing Extent of Public Surveys along the Rio Grande in the Area of the Arkansas, Indian Territory, and the Republic of Mexico Image of map number 03907 is not available.
post 1900 01546 Map of Disputed Territory Involving Yoakum County Image of map number 01546 is not available.