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Date Map Number Title Image
1863-1864 03218 Map of the Defenses of Charleston City and Harbor showing also the Works Erected by the U.S. Forces in 1863 and 1864 Image of map number 03218 is not available.
1861 03231 Map of the Ground of Occupation and Defense of the Division of the U.S. Army in Virginia in Command of Brigadier General Irvin McDowell, and Defenses of Washington Image of map number 03231 is not available.
1861 03232 Sketch of Paducah, Kentucky, and Vicinity Image of map number 03232 is not available.
1862 03239 Map Showing the System of Rebel Fortifications on the Mississippi River at Island No. 10 and New Madrid, also the Operations of the U.S. Forces under General John Pope Against these Positions Image of map number 03239 is not available.
1862 03245 Rebel Positions at Centerville. Reconnaissance of March 14th, 1862 Image of map number 03245 is not available.
1861 03275 Part of the Map of the Military Department of Southeastern Virginia and Fort Monroe Image of map number 03275 is not available.
1862 03276 Part of the Map of the Military Department of Southeastern Virginia and Fort Monroe showing the Approaches to Richmond and Petersburg Image of map number 03276 is not available.
1863 03333 Proposed Secondary Line of Defense on the Peninsula between the Ashepoo and Combahee Rivers, South Carolina, November 4, 1863 Image of map number 03333 is not available.
1863 03356 Survey of Fortifications and Environs of Tullahoma between the Shelbyville and Lynchburg Roads Image of map number 03356 is not available.
1863 03384 Map of the Defenses of Vicksburg, Mississippi Image of map number 03384 is not available.
1863 03398 Map of the Approaches to Petersburg and Their Defenses, 1863 Image of map number 03398 is not available.
1864 03402 Map Showing the Position of Major General's G. French Forces at Lovejoy's Station, Georgia from Sept. 3d to Sept. 8th, 1864 Image of map number 03402 is not available.
1863 03405 Military Map Showing the Topographical Features of the Country Adjacent to Harper's Ferry, Virginia. Including Maryland, Loundon and Bolivar Heights, and portions of South and Short Mountains, with the positions of the Defensive Works,… Image of map number 03405 is not available.
1863 03420 Sections of Approaches and Sections of Fort Wagner Image of map number 03420 is not available.
1863-1864 03444 Topographical Map of the Approaches and Defenses of Knoxville, Tennessee, showing the Positions Occupied by the United States and Confederate Forces during the Siege Image of map number 03444 is not available.
1864 03522 Defense of Fort Morgan Image of map number 03522 is not available.
1864 03525 Engineer Department, Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, July 28th, 1864 Image of map number 03525 is not available.
1864 03526 Plan Showing Part of the Line of the United States Forces on July 29th, 1864 Image of map number 03526 is not available.
1864 03527 Sketch. Explanatory of the Positions and Operations of the Artillery, Army of 1864 Image of map number 03527 is not available.
1864 03535 Vicinity of Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Virginia Image of map number 03535 is not available.
1864 03536 Plan of Dutch Gap Canal and Fortifications, James River, Virginia, …September 10, 1864 Image of map number 03536 is not available.
1864 03550 Federal Point, North Carolina Image of map number 03550 is not available.
1864 03552 Topographical Map of the Country and Vicinity of New Berne, North Carolina Image of map number 03552 is not available.
1864 03553 Plan of Defensive Works at Harrison's Landing, September 21st, 1864 Image of map number 03553 is not available.
1864 03556 Union Defensive Lines, Deep Bottom, Virginia Image of map number 03556 is not available.