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Date Map Number Title Image
1861-1865 03901 Drawings and Illustrations of Union and Confederate Uniforms Image of map number 03901 is not available.
1861-1865 03902 Drawings of Military Weapons and Artillery Image of map number 03902 is not available.
1864 03749 Drawings of Union forts and batteries used during Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, July 9-31, 1864 Image of map number 03749 is not available.
1861-1865 03904 Flags and Badges of the Union and Confederate Armies Image of map number 03904 is not available.
1861-1865 03903 Diagrams Illustrating the Principal Means Used in Transportating the Sick and Wounded and Medical Supplies during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-5 Image of map number 03903 is not available.
1865 03747 Drawings of Canvas Pontoon Boats, Bridges, and Chess Wagons Image of map number 03747 is not available.
1864 03751 Drawings of Rifle Projectiles used by the United States Forces and Rebel Forces in the Virginia Campaign of 1864 Image of map number 03751 is not available.
1864 03748 Drawings of Rifled Projectiles used by the Rebels in the Virginia Campaign, 1864 Image of map number 03748 is not available.
1863 03420 Sections of Approaches and Sections of Fort Wagner Image of map number 03420 is not available.