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Date Map Number Title Image
1862 03291 Map Illustrating the Battle of Hanover, Virginia May 27, 1862 Image of map number 03291 is not available.
1862 03292 Engagement near Hanover Court-House, Virginia, May 27, 1862 Image of map number 03292 is not available.
1863 03340 Engagement at Deserted House or Kelley's Store near Suffolk, Virginia, January 30th, 1863 Image of map number 03340 is not available.
1863 03342 Map of the Position of the Cavalry During the Engagement of April 4,1863 Image of map number 03342 is not available.
1864 03546 Osage or Mine Creek, Kansas Image of map number 03546 is not available.
1865 03633 Topographical Map Showing the Positions of the 14th and 20th Corps Commanded by Major General H.W. Slocum, and Kilpatricks Cavalry, in an Engagement near Bentonville, North Carolina, March 19th, 1865 Image of map number 03633 is not available.
1865 03646 Campaign Maps Exhibiting the Line of March of the 20th Corps from Savannah, Georgia to Goldsborough, North Carolina, with the Plans of the Battlefields of Averysborough and Bentonville, North Carolina Image of map number 03646 is not available.