Texas State Archives Map Collection

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Date Map Number Title Image
1893 00910 New Commercial, Railroad, and County Map of Texas Image of map number 00910 is not available.
1758 00921 Carte de la Louisiane, Maryland, Virginie, Caroline, Georgie, avec une Partie de la Floride Image of map number 00921 is not available.
1837 00934 Map of the Republic of Texas Showing its Divisions into Counties and Latest Improvements to 1837 Image of map number 00934 is not available.
1874 00954 Map of Scout of Second Column, Indian Territory Expedition, 1874, Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel G.P. Buell, 11th United States Infantry view Image for map number 00954
1840 c. 01000 Proposed Military Road from Austin to Beal's Ferry on the Red River Image of map number 01000 is not available.
1703 01009 Archipelague du Mexique ou sont les Isles de Cuba, Espagnola, Iamaique, & c. ... Image of map number 01009 is not available.
1867 01018 Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean Showing the Overland Routes; Projected Railroad Lines, & c. Image of map number 01018 is not available.
1864 01029 J.H. Colton's Map of the Southern States - Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas Image of map number 01029 is not available.
1792 01048 The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana Image of map number 01048 is not available.
1705-1720 01067 Carte contenant de Royaume de Mexique et la Floride, dresfez fur les Meilleures obfervations et fur les Meimorres les plas Nouveaux Image of map number 01067 is not available.
1863 01101 Perrine's New Topographical War Map of the Southern States, taken from the latest Government Surveys and Official Reports Image of map number 01101 is not available.
1840 01406 A New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States Image of map number 01406 is not available.
1861 01415 Johnson's New Military Map of the United States Showing the Forts, Military Posts and all of the Military Divisions with Enlarged Plans of Southern Harbors Image of map number 01415 is not available.
1861 01416 Johnson's New Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 01416 is not available.
1847-1849 c 01417 Map of the United States and Mexico Including Oregon, Texas and the Californias Image of map number 01417 is not available.
1837 01419 Map of the Republic of Texas Shewing sic its divisions into Counties and Latest Improvements to 1837 Image of map number 01419 is not available.
1794 01420 The Western Coast of Louisiana and the Coast of New Leon Image of map number 01420 is not available.
1864 01421 Map of the Military Department of the Gulf Image of map number 01421 is not available.
1861 01425 Panorama of the Seat of War, Bird's Eye View of Texas and Part of Mexico Image of map number 01425 is not available.
1849 01426 Map of California, Oregon, Texas, and the Territories Adjoining with Routes & c. Image of map number 01426 is not available.
1842 c. 01431 United States and Texas Image of map number 01431 is not available.
1831-1833 c 01432 Map of the Southern Part of Texas Image of map number 01432 is not available.
1750 01439 Amerique Septentrionale, dressee sur les Relations les plus modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs et divisee suivant les differentes possessions des Europeans Image of map number 01439 is not available.
1820 01442 United States of America Image of map number 01442 is not available.
1871 01448 Map of Texas to Accompany "Brady's Glimpses of Texas" Image of map number 01448 is not available.