Texas State Archives Map Collection

A total of 410 records were found for: forts

Date Map Number Title Image
1879 01596 Texas and the Indian Territory view Image for map number 01596
1865-1880 c 02340 Texas and Northern States Image of map number 02340 is not available.
1840 c. 01000 Proposed Military Road from Austin to Beal's Ferry on the Red River Image of map number 01000 is not available.
1733 01522a Nuevo Mexico and Louisiana Image of map number 01522a is not available.
post 1870 01588a Northeast Texas along the Red River Image of map number 01588a is not available.
1805 c. 01456 Mexico Image of map number 01456 is not available.
1878 01480a Map of Texas Image of map number 01480a is not available.
1861 c. 01423 Map of Southwest Texas and northern Mexico view Image for map number 01423
1864 03749 Drawings of Union forts and batteries used during Siege of Petersburg, Virginia, July 9-31, 1864 Image of map number 03749 is not available.
1865-1875 c 01929 Chisholm Trail Image of map number 01929 is not available.