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A total of 7 records were found for: lead mines

Date Map Number Title Image
1936 c. 06878 Lead Mines in Texas Image of map number 06878 is not available.
1878 01480a Map of Texas Image of map number 01480a is not available.
1764 00907 Carte Reduite des Costes de la Louisiane et de la Floride view Image for map number 00907
1861-1865 03882 General Topographical Map Midwest United States Image of map number 03882 is not available.
1825 c. 00372 Map of Arkansas and other Territories of the United States. Subtitle: Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Arkansas Territory Image of map number 00372 is not available.
1878 01480 Map of Texas to Accompany Granger's Southern and Western Texas Guide view Image for map number 01480
1839 00132 Map of the United States and Map of Mexico and Guatemala view Image for map number 00132