Texas State Archives Map Collection

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Date Map Number Title Image
1846 00051 Map of the State of Texas. Subtitle: Engraved to Illustrate Mitchell's School and Family Geography Image of map number 00051 is not available.
1822-1835 c 00070m Plano Colonizacion del Estado de Tamaulipas Image of map number 00070m is not available.
1825 c. 00372 Map of Arkansas and other Territories of the United States. Subtitle: Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Arkansas Territory Image of map number 00372 is not available.
1725 00385 Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispanie Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginae, et Pennsylvaniae, nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Image of map number 00385 is not available.
1879 00397 Texas and Indian Territory Image of map number 00397 is not available.
1837 00409b Map of Texas with Parts of Adjoining States Image of map number 00409b is not available.
1825 00420 A Map of the United States of Mexico, as Organized and defined by the Several Acts of the Congress of that Republic Image of map number 00420 is not available.
1717 00446 A Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida, now called Louisiana, and part of California and etc. Image of map number 00446 is not available.
1705 00447 Le vieux Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne aucles costes de la Floride. Faisantpartic de lmerique Septentrionale Image of map number 00447 is not available.
1850 00449 Map of Texas Image of map number 00449 is not available.
1910 c. 00904 State of Tamaulipas Image of map number 00904 is not available.
1837 00934 Map of the Republic of Texas Showing its Divisions into Counties and Latest Improvements to 1837 Image of map number 00934 is not available.
1867 01018 Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean Showing the Overland Routes; Projected Railroad Lines, & c. Image of map number 01018 is not available.
post 1900 01103 Carta Minera de la Republica Mexicana Image of map number 01103 is not available.
1829 01411 Stephen F. Austin's Map of Texas Image of map number 01411 is not available.
1840 01418 Wyld's Map of Texas, 1840 Image of map number 01418 is not available.
1837 01419 Map of the Republic of Texas Shewing sic its divisions into Counties and Latest Improvements to 1837 Image of map number 01419 is not available.
1831-1833 c 01432 Map of the Southern Part of Texas Image of map number 01432 is not available.
1750 01439 Amerique Septentrionale, dressee sur les Relations les plus modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs et divisee suivant les differentes possessions des Europeans Image of map number 01439 is not available.
1733 c. 01451 Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississippi Image of map number 01451 is not available.
1846 01452 Mexico and Guatemala Image of map number 01452 is not available.
1845 01453 Mexico und Centro - America Image of map number 01453 is not available.
1850 01459 Texas Image of map number 01459 is not available.
1843 c. 01467 Texas Image of map number 01467 is not available.
1840 c. 01469 Mexico Image of map number 01469 is not available.