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Date Map Number Title Image
1822-1835 c 00070s Roads Crossing the San Jacinto and Trinity Rivers in Texas Image of map number 00070s is not available.
1822-1835 c 00070t Colonization Grants, east Texas Image of map number 00070t is not available.
1916 00073 National Old Trails Road to Ocean Highway Image of map number 00073 is not available.
1835-1836 00099-3 Military Map of Texas and Coahuila, as Mexican Territory, c. 1835-36. Subtitle: Showing lines of frontier recognized by the Texas Colonists, with lines of march from points of mobilization of the respective armies, to the battlefield of San Jacinto. Image of map number 00099-3 is not available.
post 1932 00101 Proposed Road Development between Van Horn and Fort Stockton - Davis Mountain district on Old Spanish Trail, also showing old trails - where old trails converge springs are indicated Image of map number 00101 is not available.
1853 00105 Colton's Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, of Mexico and the West Indies Image of map number 00105 is not available.
1848 00107 A New Map of Mexico, California, and Oregon Image of map number 00107 is not available.
1845 00108 Map of Texas from the Most Recent Authorities Image of map number 00108 is not available.
1846 00109 Mexico, Texas, and California Image of map number 00109 is not available.
1846 00128 Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 00128 is not available.
1854-1857 00139 Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean Image of map number 00139 is not available.
1825 c. 00372 Map of Arkansas and other Territories of the United States. Subtitle: Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Arkansas Territory Image of map number 00372 is not available.
1876 00375 Colton's Map of Texas Image of map number 00375 is not available.
1879 00397 Texas and Indian Territory Image of map number 00397 is not available.
1837 00409b Map of Texas with Parts of Adjoining States Image of map number 00409b is not available.
1855 c. 00419 Johnson's New Map of the State of Texas Image of map number 00419 is not available.
1825 00420 A Map of the United States of Mexico, as Organized and defined by the Several Acts of the Congress of that Republic Image of map number 00420 is not available.
1845 00909 Map of Texas Image of map number 00909 is not available.
1908 00931 United States, Showing Routes of Principal Explorers and Early Roads and Highways Image of map number 00931 is not available.
1867 01018 Colton's Map of the States and Territories West of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean Showing the Overland Routes; Projected Railroad Lines, & c. Image of map number 01018 is not available.
1840 01406 A New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States Image of map number 01406 is not available.
1829 01411 Stephen F. Austin's Map of Texas Image of map number 01411 is not available.
1829 01411a Mapa Geografico de la Provincia de Texas Image of map number 01411a is not available.
1830 01414 Mapa Original de Texas Image of map number 01414 is not available.
1847-1849 c 01417 Map of the United States and Mexico Including Oregon, Texas and the Californias Image of map number 01417 is not available.