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Date Map Number Title Image
1835 01499 Map of the United States of America with Its Territories and Districts, Including also a part of Upper and Lower Canada and Mexico view Image for map number 01499
1840-1849 06400 Map Showing the Routes Across the Texas Panhandle of Josiah Gregg in 1840 and Captain R.B. Marcy in 1849 Image of map number 06400 is not available.
1844 00075 Texas and part of Mexico and the United States Showing the Route of the First Santa Fe Expedition view Image for map number 00075
1844 00905 Map of Texas and the Countries Adjacent view Image for map number 00905
1846 00387 A New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California with the Regions Adjoining view Image for map number 00387
1846-1852 01482 Map of Texas Illustrating the Missions and Journeys of the Abbe' Em. Domenech view Image for map number 01482
1847 00398 Map of Mexico, Texas, Old and New California, and Yucatan. Subtitle: Showing the principal Cities and Towns, Travelling routes … view Image for map number 00398
1847 01483 Map Showing Colonel A.W. Doniphan's Route through the States of New Mexico, Chihuahua and Coahuila includes Texas view Image for map number 01483
1849 01473 Karte des Staates Texas aufgenommen in die Union 1846 Image of map number 01473 is not available.
1850 07077 Topographical Map of the Road from Fort Smith, Arks. to Santa Fe, N.M. and from Dona Ana N.M. to Fort Smith Image of map number 07077 is not available.
1850-1853 00347 General Map Showing the Counties Explored and Surveyed by the United States and Mexican Boundary Commission, in the years 1850, 51, 52, and 53, under the direction of John R. Bartlett, U.S. Commissioner view Image for map number 00347
1852 00900 Map of the Country Upon the Red River view Image for map number 00900
1853 00105 Colton's Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, of Mexico and the West Indies Image of map number 00105 is not available.
1853 07078 Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico embracing the section explored in 1849, 50, 51, & 52 Image of map number 07078 is not available.
1854 c. 03942 Texas Image of map number 03942 is not available.
1855 c. 00430 Nord America zur Ubersicht der Enteckung Eroberug und Colonisation Image of map number 00430 is not available.
1856 00405 A New Map of the United States of America view Image for map number 00405
1856 01446 Texas, Part of New Mexico, & c. view Image for map number 01446
1871-1875 01539 Trails made and Routes used by the Fourth U.S. Calvary under command of General R.S. MacKenzie in its operations against hostile Indians in Texas, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma, New Mexico and Old Mexico, during the period of 1871-2-3-4 and 5 Image of map number 01539 is not available.
1874-1875 01220 Map of the Country Scouted by Colonels McKenzie and Shafter, Captain R.P. Wilson and others in the Years 1874-75 view Image for map number 01220
1880 c. 07592 Map of the Lands Owned by the New York and Texas Land Company Limited in Northwest Texas Image of map number 07592 is not available.
1883 01591 Military Map of the Rio Grande Frontier view Image for map number 01591
1908 00931 United States, Showing Routes of Principal Explorers and Early Roads and Highways Image of map number 00931 is not available.
1936 00097 Early Spanish Explorers of the Southwest Border Region Image of map number 00097 is not available.
1940 01649 The Southwestern United States Image of map number 01649 is not available.