Confederate Pensions

A total of 254 records were found for County: Tom Green

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband's App #
Acton, S. N. 18437 Tom Green
Adams, James M. 05118 Tom Green
Adney, Elizabeth 07976 Tom Green Adney, W. A.
Alderette, Ramona 14007 Tom Green Alderette, Pablo
Alexander, Francis R. 45056 Tom Green Alexander, J. P. 39162
Anderson, Elizabeth 09819 Tom Green Anderson, J. W. 03886
Anderson, J. W. 03886 Tom Green
Armstrong, Sarah 39970 Tom Green Armstrong, Alfred William
Arnett, Alonzo 28390 Tom Green
Arnett, Alonzo (Mrs) 36380 Tom Green Arnett, Alonzo 28390
Arrowood, Elizabeth 32265 Tom Green Arrowood, McDaniel 26891
Arrowood, McDaniel 26891 Tom Green
Arthur, Eliza Jane 32037 Tom Green Arthur, Steven Dexter
Barker, David 45144 Tom Green
Barker, John 42308 Tom Green
Barker, John (Mrs) 43846 Tom Green Barker, John 42308
Barker, S. C. (Mrs) 12154 Tom Green Barker, William 11696
Bass, John Bedell Rejected Tom Green
Bass, S. A. (Mrs) 16705 Tom Green Bass, Sumner Harney
Bass, W. W. 18434 Tom Green

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